Experimental methods for urea crystal build up analysis

Problem Description
Modern diesel after treatment systems often rely on SCR technology were urea (Ad-blue) is injected into the exhaust stream. One of the main challenges with this type of system is crystallisation of urea within the EATS (exhaust after treatment system), especially at low exhaust temperatures.
The crystals are often formed around edges etc. within the system, but they can also be formed on other places previously not identified as possible concerns. Volvo Penta want to develop methods to identify possible causes of crystallization in order to take preventive actions early in the design stage.
Identify and/or develop methods to gain an understanding on how urea crystallization takes place. Depending on the interest from the candidate the task can either be to identify new test methodologies or develop some of our previously identified methods such as:
  • Develop methods for making movie recordings from within the exhaust stream and film an urea crystal build up and Ad-blue spray behaviour
  • Develop a cold flow/hot flow test bench we can see how the Adblue/DEF mixes into the exhaust stream
  • Adblue vaporizes both from hitting hot surfaces and from entering into the hot exhaust gases, improved by turbulence and duration. What kind of swirl and or waves should we aim to develop
Suitable background
Mechanical engineering
Description of thesis work
Thesis Level: Master
Language: English
Starting date: January 2020
Number of students: 2
Nils Jansson +4631 323 7697

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