Master Thesis

Background of thesis project:
There is a strong focus in industry for quality improvement and at the same time an upward trend on product customization for the benefit of the customer, which brings a product and process variation control challenge for manufacturing. Based on this trend it is important that industry in manufacturing plants build a robust variation control process at the workstation level to secure significant quality improvements. The focus for this investigation is to identify and control critical product and process parameters under three main areas: People, Process and Product (3 Ps) at the workstation level supported by standardization - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - to reduce process deviations which in turns improve quality indicators.
Currently, the quality indicators show high level of instability especially when introducing new product and process changes in the production flow.
Description of thesis work:
The purpose is to coordinate several case studies at various Volvo Truck assembly plants with the corresponding data collection, job observations, data collection and analysis to support the projects described above. Some travelling might be required to various Volvo Trucks plants in Sweden and Europe. Activities in bullet points:
  • Drive data collection, interviews, job observations and formulate the documentation for further analysis
  • Participate in some quality data collection and analysis during actual working meeting at the assembly plants
  • Participate in Root Cause Analysis Investigations at the assembly plant
  • Help in the development of SOPs and participate in some SOP confirmation process with the team leaders and operators at several work stations in the assembly lines
  • Data Analysis and Quality Improvement
Suitable background:
  • Mechanical Engineering, Industrial / Production Engineering, quality Engineering or similar
The applicant must be able to use the following programs:
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Power BI, SharePoint, Minitab and other relevant SPC software
  • Able to learn and adapt quickly to new software
Thesis Level: Master
Language: Swedish/English
Starting date: 2020

Number of students:
Johan Svenningstorp, Director Research and Manufacturing Technology, +46 31 3237274
Ebly Sanchez, GTO VPS Senior Coach, +1 336 3342279

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Volvo Group Trucks Operations encompasses all production of the Group’s engines and transmissions, as well as all production of Volvo, Renault and Mack trucks. The organization is responsible for spare parts supplies to the Group's customers as well as for designing, operating and optimizing logistics and supply chain for all brands, production facilities and distribution centers where the Volvo Group operates. In Volvo Group Trucks Operations you will be part of a diverse team of highly skilled professionals who work with passion, trust and embrace change to stay ahead. We make our customers win.

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