Internship last year of Master degree in Acoustic simulation (H/F)

Volvo Group Trucks Technology (GTT), a division of the Volvo Group, provide state-of-the-art research, engineering, product planning and project execution to final delivery of complete products and also support the products in the aftermarket.
Position Description
Within Chassis Technology department, our team Powertrain Installation has the global responsibility to design and develop components and systems, from advanced engineering to maintenance, for all Volvo Group trucks business.
The Powertrain Installation team in Lyon is responsible for developing and maintaining the following components and systems for all truck applications within Volvo Group: cooling package/heat exchangers, expansion tank, vehicle thermal management system and noise strategy. We are now looking for an intern that will help us to improve our knowledge, processes and methods in acoustic numerical simulation.
Internship content
In the powertrain noise encapsulation verification process, one step consists in combining the noise reduction brought by the noise shields to the noise reduction brought by the cab and the powertrain environment.
This process is currently hybrid. Insertion losses (ratio between the acoustic powers with and without powertrain encapsulation) are today numerically obtained while the long transfer functions (acoustic paths between engine and certification microphones) are measured in anechoic chamber.
The aim of this internship is to evaluate the relevancy and feasibility of using a fully numerical method with latest hardware technologies and software features
The trainee will have the responsibility to continue further the existing methodology and deliver a proven, reliable and efficient numerical methodology. This includes the simulation of Complete transfer functions and noise shields insertion losses and the comparison to measurements for correlation.
Proposal time plan is:
  • Adapt the Direct Frequency Response (DFR) model to allow execution at a higher frequency (model meshes refinement)
  • Evaluate Actran DGM feature and compare it to the DFR function (PROS/CONS on results accuracy, computation time, setting easiness, etc.)
  • Perform several parametric variations to know influence of each parameter on results quality (sensitivity study)
  • Finally, propose a clear numerical methodology (step by step method) and anchor it in an engineering report.

Main competence requirement
  • Last year of Master degree in mechanical engineering, specialization in acoustic is a plus
  • Knowledge of a meshing tool (ideally Ansa), and acoustic simulation tool (ideally Actran)
  • Good team player.
  • Analytic mindset
  • Problem solving skill.

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