For safer, cleaner and more efficient transport in the future

Shaping the Future of Transportation

This is our view of the future of transport and infrastructure solutions.

An increasing global population, booming e-commerce and a growing, connected middle class contribute to rising demand for construction and transportation. Climate change, congested cities, hazardous road and working conditions call for future transportation technology and systems solutions that are safer, cleaner and more efficient. It is our long-term ambition to offer solutions that are:

100% safe: because health and safety of people is our main priority.

100% fossil free, because climate change is the challenge of our generation.

100% more productive, because by increasing productivity and efficiency it is possible to meet a growing need for transportation while staying within the boundaries of what our planet can sustain.

Stories on how we shape the future

Using data to optimize batteries for electric trucks

The unique insights that can be found in data have an important role to play in Volvo Group’s transition to electromobility. “Data has huge potential for helping us to understand electric vehicles better,” says Rikard Vinge, Data Scientist at the ...

Hacking urban construction logistics

Students from Hyper Island business school took on the challenge of maximising the time and cost efficiency of construction transport. Volvo Group hosted the Hack Sprint, with Volvo Construction Equipment as subject matter experts and members of ...

He is a catalyst for innovation

His job is to be a catalyst in the journey to accelerate innovation in the Volvo Group. Meet Vishnu Rajanikanth, Senior Innovation Manager at CampX, Volvo Group’s innovation hub in Gothenburg.


CampX by Volvo Group

Our innovation focus areas

White illustration of a two cogwheels representing Volvo Automation


We believe that automation will redefine the commercial transport solutions that most of us rely on every day.

White illustration of a lightnnig bolt representing Volvo Electromobility


Electromobility is changing the automotive world and in the near future it will also change how we plan our cities and infrastructure.

Innovation - Connectivity


Volvo Group has the industry’s broadest customer offering of connectivity solutions for trucks, buses and construction equipment.