Future concept workplace for CampX

Open for co-creation

CampX by Volvo Group

CampX by Volvo Group is a new global innovation arena at our headquarters where we will invite partners such as startups, suppliers, customers, corporations, academic, and government to collaborate with Volvo Group experts. The current development in automation, electromobility, and connectivity is changing the automotive and transport sector. New technologies combined with new business models are emerging with great potential to make transport more efficient and sustainable.

The rapid development of new technology offers great potential, but to achieve all the synergies and drive towards change and transformation, we need to work together with industry colleagues and partners. We will only be able to succeed by strategically partnering in the open ecosystem to co-create ideas, test and refine new concepts, and jointly go to market.

Most importantly, we seek partners who share the Volvo Group mission in driving prosperity through transport solutions, and who champion the spirit of change and entrepreneurship.

Here are some opportunities to collaborate:

  • Pitch your idea to Volvo Group experts for feedback
  • Learn about transport sector needs
  • Access to labs and workshops
  • Gain access to partner accelerators and public funding
  • Collaborate on future of transport and mobility

The current development in electrification, connectivity and automation will profoundly change the transport sector within the next decades. New technologies combined with new business models are emerging with a great potential to make transport more sustainable and efficient.

The fast development of digital technologies in particular offers great potential, but to achieve all the benefits we need to work with innovation in a different way. It is today much more important to work with an ecosystem of partners, to test and iterate new products and solutions directly on the market in order to increase the speed of innovation cycles.

CampX by Volvo Group is a new global innovation arena where we will invite partners like startups, suppliers, customers and academia to work together with Volvo Group experts. Here teams will explore and accelerate both technology and business ideas with speed in a spirit of entrepreneurship.

These are some of the things that we can offer you that want to work with us:

  • Co-location with Volvo Group experts
  • Access to labs and workshops
  • Opportunity to pitch your idea to targeted audiences at Volvo Group and partners
  • Support with access to public funding
  • Test your product in rigs and test vehicles
  • Access to data

This is what we ask from you:

  • Share our believe in prosperity through transport solutions
  • Strong ownership of the company/idea
  • Graduated from accelerator or similar previous experience
  • A validated idea that could bring value to our business

Collaboration areas

Automated Transport Solutions

All tasks done during a transport, including physical handling, transporting as well as cognitive tasks. Also the supporting solutions and systems to enable this automation.

  • First and last mile automation
  • Goods handling
  • Automated transport on land water and air
  • Fleet system coordination

Electro mobility for transport

  • Electrical machines and enabling systems
  • Energy storage and transfer for mobile applications
  • New transport concepts based on electro mobility

Digital transformation of transport

The total and overall transport effect of digitalization, including digital tools and system as well as indirect impact of transport based on changes in society such as sharing economy.

  • Driver support or task automation
  • Loading unloading support or task automation
  • Fleet management support or task automation
  • Transport data collection, analyzing and actuation
  • Sensors and system in the IoT
  • Sensors and system in the transporters and handlers
  • Blockchain as an enabler to introduce trust in data