Volvo Group contributes to the efforts of World Food Program

Four countries are in the grip of a devastating food crisis. Given this dire situation, the Volvo Group has decided to activate its disaster relief fund to contribute 2 million SEK to the efforts of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).
Woman sitting on wooden deck outside her tent

A famine has been declared in some parts of South Sudan and there are warnings of looming famine in Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen, where almost 20 million people are facing hunger and malnutrition. A massive humanitarian response is needed to stop mounting deaths.

WFP is committed to preventing and defeating famine by using every means possible to provide families with adequate amounts of nutritious food, getting vital food assistance to the people most in need and – whenever possible – supporting local markets to help communities thrive and regain independence. The Volvo Group’s contribution will help WFP provide crucial support to families currently facing possible famine.

Volvo Group has a dedicated fund for donations in relation to emergencies / natural disasters, where AB Volvo Board approved to give authorization to the President to take decisions to give aid at certain events.

“This is one of the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945. Millions of people face possible famine and our support is needed,” says Irem Soydan, Director External CSR Management.

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