Making good in my daily life

This is the story of the little things we do in life that make a big difference. The things we do, no matter how large or small they are, that contribute to a better society.
Making good in my daily life
Roland Simmons

“This is a photo of Running Shoes that runners donated to help orphans around the world. It is an annual event called the Emerald Coast MudRun for Orphans and it combines the excitement of running a race with challenging and fun obstacles, with the added fun of playing in the mud: Get muddy to do Good!” explains Roland Simmons, from Florida (USA), winner of the Volvo Group photo contest “Making good in my daily life”.

“You may never have a second chance at the same photo this is the reason why I always leave home with my camera. Photography is one of my passions, just like travelling and spending wonderful moment with my grandchildren.

To me this picture illustrates how loving and caring people can be. How do we choose life every day and are especially grateful for what we have.

It is the little things we do in life that make a difference. In fact, it is our responsibility to find ways to contribute, may it be large or small, what counts is the effort, this is what I like the most about this photo.”

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