Volvo Group in partnership to develop world leading production environment

“It is created by industrials, for industrials,” says Bertrand Felix, Senior Research and Engineer within Volvo Group, co-founder at the new “Industrial Hive” in Lyon, France.

The Innovation arena, “The Industrial Hive”, in Lyon will become a platform for exchange of knowledge with national and international companies, and the goal is to establish a world-leading integrated physical and virtual development environment for research, technological development, innovation and education around technologies connected to Industry 4.0.

Volvo Group is one out of nine non- competing partners working with concrete industrial projects. The aim with The Hive is to support the Industry 4.0 transformation of industrial companies and their employees through the realization of projects in a collaborative mode, sharing resources, risks and budgets.

“The Hive offers a place and a structure to develop industrial projects with other companies as partners. Here we can benefit from experts that can support and develop our projects as well as learn, interact and develop skills and understanding of Industry 4.0 together,” says Bertrand Felix, Senior Research & Engineer at Quality & Engineering, Volvo Group Trucks Operations and co-founder and responsible of Projects and partnerships at the Industrial Hive.

“For 2020, we have an ambitious roadmap of 12 projects around three themes; technology, organization and human,” says Bertrand Felix.

The projects will include production management with light MES, image treatment and vision for control and picking, digital training, process certification by block chain, Innovation strategy, Human impact of Industry 4.0 technology and vibration data analytics for predictive Maintenance.

“The Hive facilitates a new way of working with the new technologies. It’s very exciting to be able to work and develop Industry 4.0 solutions together with other companies,” says Silvi Laks, Senior Vice President at Quality & Engineering, Volvo Group Trucks Operations and the chairman of the Hive at Volvo Group

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