How to boost your resilience during though times – practical tools to look after yourself

The global covid pandemic has created challenges and stress for everyone. Never before has our collective resilience been tested to this degree. Volvo Group hosted a LinkedIn Live event in December 2020 to explore ways to boost resilience – watch the replay here. Available to you are also free practical tools to take care of yourself.

There is so much written about Resilience right now; yet it can be difficult to know what advice to listen to. Within Volvo Group we have equipped some of our leaders with a simple model to help them make sense of it all and be as resilient as possible. This is what we shared during our first Volvo Group Live on “Boosting Your Resilience” presented by Hamira Riaz on 17 December at 13:00 CET. Watch a short introduction of the event HERE and the full replay by clicking on the play button below.

Volvo group Video

If you’d like to go further after watching the online event here are two simple and practical tools that will help you to boost your resilience.


About our speaker, Hamira Riaz:

Hamira Riaz is Vice President for Strategic Leadership at Volvo Group. Hamira is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. With two doctorates and a specialism in neuropsychology, her thirty-year career before joining Volvo Group includes neuroscience service provision within the NHS and Ministry of Defence and global leadership consultancy at YSC Ltd. Between 2013 and 2020, she was Managing Director of a boutique practice leveraging her unique clinical and business psychology background.
She is a regular media commentator on subjects ranging from existential anxiety to women in leadership, most recently as ambassador for the “We are Undefeatable” campaign supporting people living with chronic health conditions and resident psychologist on Channel 5’s documentary, “Lawrence of Arabia: Britain’s Great Adventurer”

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Caring and being cared for is an important part of our culture. That mentality is what makes the Volvo Group family strong and capable of continued success. We offer a wide range of measures to ensure that our family of employees stays healthy and feels cared for.

Read more about health and wellbeing Learn about work life balance at Volvo
Reasons to join us

Reasons to join us

You spend a large part of your life at work – we think that time should matter. We asked our own employees what makes their heart beat every day at work.

These are the five key reasons they shared

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