Congratulations to Volvo Group Seasonal Gift projects 2020

Provide laptops to underprivileged children for distance learning in Peru and Belgium, support to local food banks in Canada and medical help for groups who can’t afford healthcare in India. These are examples of Volvo Group Seasonal Gift projects 2020.

This year, extra consideration was taken to support initiatives that helped communities cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Congratulations to Volvo Group Seasonal Gift projects 2020

Provide laptops to underprivileged children for distance learning in Peru and Belgium are examples of Volvo Group Seasonal Gift projects 2020.

On behalf of all employees, Volvo Group donates yearly donations for charitable work.

“It is the company’s gift to us as employees instead of handing out for example a merchandise. The purpose of the seasonal gift is to make a difference in the local communities, close to markets and employees. This is a way to support societal causes by being a good corporate citizen and drive prosperity in practice. The nature of the receiving projects can be external, internal or a joint project between Volvo Group and an external organization”, says Johan Reiman, Director, Societal Engagement, Volvo Group.

Eight different projects

This year, eight projects, out of a total of 23 different proposals, have received funding from the Volvo Group in the name of its employees.

To get the donation, the country management team for a Volvo Group market sends an application for a local societal initiative they want to support. The selection of the projects is made by CEO Martin Lundstedt together with members of the Executive Board, and the employee representatives in the AB Volvo Board.

The selected markets are to report on their project’s progress to be used as best practice and to create engagement within the Volvo Group. 

The receivers of the 2020 Volvo Group Seasonal Gift are:    

Volvo Trucks Southern Africa – COVID-19 response project installing Emergency Hand-Washing Stations in rural areas.

Peru – Provide laptops to underprivileged children for online/distance learning.

Brazil – Projeto Pescar, supporting youth to access the labor market.

Belgium – Provide laptops to underprivileged youth for online/distance learning.

China – Online education program for children living in rural areas.

Canada – Support to local food banks.

Australia - Toolbox Talks Domestic Violence Program.

Volvo Group India – Mobile medical clinic supporting marginalized groups who can’t afford healthcare.

This is Seasonal Gift in practice:

Iron women, a heavy-duty truck driving school for women, is one example of Volvo Group Seasonal Gift from previous years.

Watch the video from South Africa and Peru.

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