Code of Conduct & other policies

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code outlines the expectations for how we do business in the Volvo Group; ethically and in compliance with the law. Doing business this way builds trust with our customers as well as with society in general, which builds our commercial success.

Other policies

Quality policy

Quality is a measure of our performance as experienced by our customers. The Volvo Group shall be the leader in customer satisfaction, delivering pioneering products and services for the transport and infrastructure industries.

Safety policy

Volvo Group aim to provide its customers with products which meet the highest demands on safety.

Environmental policy

The Volvo Group is to be ranked as a leader in terms of environmental care among the world's top producers of transport related products, equipment and systems.

Health and Safety policy

Health, safety and wellbeing of our employees is a priority.

Volvo Group Whistle

Any violations of our Code of Conduct shall be reported to managers. If that is not possible or enough suspected violations can be escalated to the Volvo Group Whistle. Retaliation against a person for making complaints in good faith is not tolerated.

Access Volvo Group whistle

Access the Whistleblowing & Investigations polic (PDF, 443KB)

Human rights policy

The Volvo Group is committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights and avoiding causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts.

Tax Policy

The Volvo Group shall comply with the tax laws and regulations in all countries where it operates.

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