Blood Donor and Tool Designer in Maintenance Operations

You can help save lives.

Have you ever thought if you or a loved one were in surgery and needed a life or death blood transfusion and there wasn’t any available, who would you blame? With all the medical advancements and technology, human blood has not been duplicated or substituted. The American Red Cross supplies blood and relies on volunteers to donate blood to keep that supply ready for those in need. I have had numerous family members and friends that needed that supply to be there. 

The available blood supply has dropped to a record low, and the need is great. Please think about being a donor, and help save lives. There are private blood drives here at work for employees as well as numerous public opportunities in our local communities. If you are a donor, talk to a friend and bring someone with you. 

I have donated 136 units – 17 gallons – and my life goal is 20 gallons. Join me and others to set a goal and to help save lives through blood donation. The life you help may be yours or someone you love. Hope to see you at an upcoming blood drive!

- Curtis

Click here for more information on the American Red Cross and to find blood drives near you.