Committing to Sustainability with Environmental Care

Our actions are intended to hand over a society and company that is sustainable for future generations. 


Meet Mark & Dee

Our Site Environmental Team


When products come into our plant, we pay for them. When those same products then leave the plant as something other than an engine, transmission, axle, or machined component, we pay for it again – what a waste!

– Mark Pannell


Reduce, reuse, recycle


Our steps to manage waste:

  1. Generate less waste
  2. Repair, recondition, or clean items to use again
  3. Turn material into a new substance or product


We recycle our damaged wood pallets, cardboard, metal, and used oil.



On our way to landfill free

Volvo Group’s definition is a site where less than 1% of its waste goes to a landfill for final disposal (does not apply to construction & demolition debris).

We send all of our general site trash to Enstorga, who then turns our waste into Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF).

SRF is a high-quality, renewable and EPA-recognized alternative to fossil fuel.


See the mechanical and biological treatment process

It's the nation’s first facility of its kind


Saving energy

Volvo Group is one of only 9 companies recognized at the highest level for Superior Energy Performance (SEP) by the U.S. Department of Energy. 

We are certified SEP Platinum and have received this remarkable achievement 3 times since 2014.

In the last decade, we have achieved a total of 57.8% reduction in our energy intensity. This means that it take us 57.8% less energy to produce every engine, transmission, and axle than it did in 2010.

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