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We are a diverse group of individuals working together, continuously improving and striving to reach our full potential.

"I am proud to work at a place that could be considered the heart of our community."

Starting his career 17 years ago on the engine assembly line, Dylan continues to grow within the organization and is now a Supply Chain Manager. 

"I feel honor and responsibility to the people and the company that have taken me this far."

Jamie Dingle’s career spans multiple sites and roles since he joined in 1987. He now serves as the Maintenance Director for Powertrain Production.

"I bring all of my energy and passion to work."

Elena Sokolova joined Volvo Group in Kaluga, Russia in 2008. Today she serves as a VPS Coach at our Powertrain plant in Hagerstown.

"Our team is tight-knit, and I get to work with some of the smartest people in the plant."

Terri Saunders joined Volvo in to 2012. Although she had never worked in manufacturing, she seized various opportunities to shape her career and is now an industrial electrician for engine assembly.

"Diversity and inclusion is very near and dear to my heart."

Carrie Lively is a third generation employee and joined Volvo Group in 2007. She is co-chair for Volvo’s V-Eagle North America network for LGTBQ+ employees and their allies.

"Everything we do is connected to the heart of the product."

Marcus Minkkinen joined Volvo Group in Sweden as a trainee and he first travelled to Hagerstown to complete his internship in late 2005. Marcus now serves as our Vice President & Plant Manager for Powertrain Production.

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