Careers at Volvo Group Australia

At Volvo Group Australia, we are proud to be part of a Swedish multinational company on the forefront of change in the transport and infrastructure industries. As part of Volvo Group Australia, we foster a culture of continuous growth, empowering our employees to cultivate leadership skills as we strive to uphold our position as industry pioneers.

Guided by our values of customer success, trust, passion, change and performance, Volvo Group Australia embraces people of all different backgrounds.

Working at Volvo Group Australia will allow you to contribute towards the rich legacy of our brands in Australia and to help foster our ambition of shaping the world of tomorrow.

Workplace Culture

Working for Volvo Group Australia means Our people are passionate about shaping the world we want to live in and helping our customers succeed, as such we have a high performance culture. Our culture is anchored in our values of customer success, trust, passion, change, and performance, which guides our day-to-day behaviour.


Each individual at Volvo Group Australia is unique, and that is why we provide flexible and hybrid working arrangements. Helping our people find healthy working arrangements is important ensuring people can be their best self when at work.


Volvo Group Australia is passionate about diversity and inclusion. We have people from different cultures, generations and educations all contributing to working as one organisation that is stronger together.

Women in Industrial and Technological Industry

At Volvo Group Australia, we are committed to creating equal opportunities for everyone. We believe that increasing gender diversity within our business fosters innovation and ensures our continued success into the future. Our dedication to shaping a more inclusive world goes beyond mere words - it's ingrained in our culture. We strive to provide an environment where all our colleagues can flourish, supported by initiatives such as our market-leading parental leave policy and our commitment to achieving a neutral gender pay gap.


As we pioneer the future of more sustainable transport with cutting-edge technology, we take pride in being a reflection of a society where anyone, regardless of gender, can excel in their role with the right attitude and support. Join our team where you belong, and be part of shaping the future of the transport and infrastructure industry.

Local Career Opportunities

Joining Volvo Group Australia means becoming a part of our half-century of history in the Australian landscape, where you'll find ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Everyday, we collaborate with some of the brightest and most innovative minds in our sector, dedicated to shaping a better future for generations to come. Our workplace environment fosters inclusivity and empowerment, ensuring that each team member can thrive and contribute their best.


Whether you're stationed at our Wacol headquarters, working in our Brisbane factory jobs, or representing us at our various dealerships nationwide, you'll play a pivotal role in an organisation leading the charge towards industry transformation.


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Employer awards

We believe that having an inspiring purpose, innovative leadership, a supportive culture offering growth prospects combined with equitable compensation, makes Volvo Group Australia a rewarding place to work. Below are some examples of how Volvo Group Australia and some of our brands locally, have been recognised as a leading employer:

Meet some of our employees

Tianita Copple

Business Solutions Manager


Volvo Group Australia’s culture aligns with my personal values and I have always believed that if this is the case, then there will always be a long-lasting relationship.


I love being motivated, invested, engaged, and inspired to come to work every day. Even after the sixteen years I have been at Volvo Group Australia, I am still impressed by how passionate, positive, diverse, and agile VGA employees truly are. We feel like a valuable part of the VGA Group, and that our contributions matter.  I believe this is what motivates us to always do our best. Every day I come to work wanting to create change, and this helps ensure we have a clear roadmap to delivering success for our customers.

Jeremy Rosario

Product and Profitability Analyst


In my opinion VGA encourages people to not only become the best worker they can be, but to also become the best person they can possibly be. I really do believe that since I started my journey with Volvo Group Australia that I have been positively encouraged to be a better person. VGA has also taught me a lot about career development and the opportunities that I have been given I do not take lightly.


There are many days where I walk into work smiling, because I can’t wait to get into the office, talk to everyone and get stuck into my tasks. I have been very fortunate to have been mentored and managed by very intelligent people. I personally have eternal gratitude for how they have shaped me into the person I am today.

Scott Cowley

Key Account Services Manager


Over the last twenty-four years working for VGA, I have been very fortunate to have career progression, ongoing personal training, flexible working hours and just a great place to come and work every day. I believe Volvo Group Australia’s greatest asset is all our amazing employees.