Cutting greenhouse gas emissions is critical to meet the ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreements and is central to Volvo Group’s sustainability aspirations. One of the most important things we can do is to help reduce our customers’ emissions. Developing solutions that reduce the CO2 footprint is thus the first priority in our sustainability strategy. Our focus is to bring innovative and competitive solutions to the market in areas where we can make the greatest impact.


At Volvo Group, we are creating these innovative solutions by using the insights gained from building vehicles and automotive systems and creating new technology that will make our roads and cities less noisy and polluted.

A key solution is provided through our focus on electromobility. We offer two different all-electric truck models. The compact and agile Volvo FL Electric and the larger Volvo FE Electric for heavier and more demanding assignments.

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Better Life for Wildlife

Climate change has brought more frequent and intense bushfires.  The 2019/20 Australian fires had a significant human toll but had the added tragedy of the loss of 3 billion wildlife lives. The images of wildlife workers rescuing injured animals, often at the risk of their own personal safety, and then the incredible care they provided for these traumatised animals, are forever etched into the Australian consciousness.

At Volvo Group Australia, we believe that we can play a role to assist endangered species in Australia’s diverse ecosystem. Volvo Group Australia, as an importer and distributor of UD Trucks, has been able to assist with the provision of a new UD Quon truck to Byron Bay Mobile Wildlife Hospital.

The truck is able to facilitate swift emergency response to the locations of injured and/or traumatised wildlife. The powerful and fuel-efficient UD Quon 6x4 is the perfect truck to transport the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital around Australia, because it’s one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly trucks on the market.

Our partnership with the Wildlife Hospital is one that creates a better life for Australia’s precious wildlife, and we look forward to working closely with them to deliver other future initiatives as part of our ongoing sustainability journey.