Volvo Group celebrates pioneering distance in Australia’s longest-ever electric truck journey

New regulatory changes allow Volvo Group to make the first interstate electric truck journey from Brisbane to ACT. Volvo Group finishes Australia’s longest ever journey in an electric truck. On 6 and 7 November, Volvo Group’s FH Electric drove a record-breaking 1,185 kilometres from Brisbane to Canberra.
Volvo Group celebrates pioneering distance in Australia’s longest-ever electric truck journey

The record-breaking electric truck was welcomed to the ACT by ACT Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Mick Gentleman MLA and Volvo Group’s Vice President Emerging Technology, Paul Illmer at The National Arboretum in Canberra today.

On this landmark journey, the FH Electric will be highlighting the possibilities of zero emissions interstate freight whilst transporting another Volvo Trucks Electric cab chassis. This journey will coincide with the delivery to Canberra of Australia’s first zero-emissions logistics vehicle for the emergency services - an FL Electric – to the ACT Emergency Service Agency (ESA). The vehicle was first unveiled in August this year at the Brisbane Australasian Fire and Authorities (AFAC) conference.

Decarbonising our transport sector is an essential step to achieving the ACT Government’s nation-leading net-zero emissions target by 2045. This e-truck and the partnership between Volvo Group and ACT ESA is a critical milestone in the journey to achieve it.

Volvo Group Australia President, Martin Merrick said, “At Volvo Group we are always trying to push the boundaries to decarbonise heavy transportation faster. Today we have set a new record for the longest electric truck journey in Australia. This is also the maiden voyage for the FH Electric which has only recently been able to get onto the road thanks to changes to width and weight restrictions.”

"Recently announced provisional changes to front-axel weight restrictions have enabled this journey and have shown what is possible in terms of zero emission intercity transportation, but we need to see permanent changes harmonised on front axle weight restrictions across every state and territory to accelerate next generation sustainable mobility and meet our climate targets.”

The journey from Brisbane to Canberra is approximately 1,184.5km. The Volvo FH Electric will have to be charged completely a minimum of four times. Legislation in Australia requires that solo truck drivers take 7 hours of stationary rest time after 12 hours of driving. Volvo Group will use compulsory rest times to charge the Volvo FH Electric Truck.

The Volvo FH Electric completing this interstate journey is the largest truck in Volvo’s heavy-duty electric truck range. Launched earlier this year, it is one of the only OEM heavy duty electric trucks available to order in the country capable of regional haulage with a range of up to 300km.

The ACT ESA vehicle is a FL Electric and will be used for logistics tasks by the ACT ESA. Following initial Volvo driver development training and vehicle implementation processes, this first vehicle is expected to go into operational service in and around the ACT in early 2024.

Volvo Group Australia has been manufacturing trucks in Australia for 50 years and with the enabling regulatory settings is committed to manufacturing its range of FM and FH heavy-duty electric vehicles at its Wacol production facility as early as 2027.

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