All mothers are working mothers

Mothers are an inspiration every day of the year. For the Volvo Group, this year’s Mother's Day will be a little different because we're shining the light on a few mothers who are doing wonders inside their homes, and some outside too. Get inspired by these short stories about mothers working at Volvo Group, India, who do everything possible to keep their children healthy, happy, and prosperous.
Suman Choudary

Featuring Suman ChoudharyProduct Owner (Digital Platforms), Volvo Construction Equipment.

Critical moments very often define the values we hold, and most organizations understand the various paths in a women’s career. One of them is motherhood. When Suman Choudhary joined Volvo Group in India, she never thought that her life will go through so many exciting phases. “Two little boys and many exciting career opportunities, all in a span of 5 years!” she says. “Credit goes to Volvo for helping me grow!”

She recollects how she came across exciting job roles during both of her maternity leaves. She decided to give it a try but was of course quite apprehensive about it. During one of her job discussions, the Head of Digital & IT at Volvo CE said, “If you are the right candidate for the job Suman, then you will get it and we will wait for you to resume office.” The fairness of the process and organizational support to balance and even prioritize personal life made a strong impression on Suman.

It’s been an incredible and most fulfilling last five years for Suman – at home and at work. A native of Jaipur, Rajasthan, and a mother of two little wonder boys, managing work-life balance has never been easy. Suman along with her husband ensures they spend quality time with their kids. She credits the engaging, empowering and empathetic culture at Volvo for it. “Yes, I have been fortunate to enjoy the best of both worlds, she says. “We often stress that support from family is most important for working mothers. What we forget is the role an organization plays in this journey. Volvo has made it possible for me to thrive both personally and professionally.”

Good Job, Mom!