All mothers are working mothers

Mothers are an inspiration every day of the year. For the Volvo Group, this year’s Mother's Day will be a little different because we're shining the light on a few mothers who are doing wonders inside their homes, and outside too. Get inspired by these short stories about mothers working at Volvo Group, India, who do everything possible to keep their children healthy, happy, and prosperous.
All mothers are working mothers

Featuring Annavi PushpalathaHead of Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Volvo Digital & IT

The difference between a ‘workplace’ and a ‘Great place to work’ is the people who make it so.  It would perhaps explain why Annavi Pushpalatha has been with Volvo Group for well over a decade and counting. “It wouldn’t have been possible for me to succeed in my career without the support from the organization. And when your organization's work culture is deep-rooted in your lives, it is not surprising for me to see the positive influence it has on my career and many more women like me,” states Annavi.

Mother of two grown-up children, Annavi is presently Head of Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Volvo Group Digital & IT. Motherhood, according to Annavi, may be the best thing to happen to a woman but it’s also the hardest. For her, diversity and equality start at home. She tries to balance it out between her daughter and son. On a lighter note, in her view, Motherhood is like tasting a Mango, it can be sweet and sour at the same time.  - For her, it has given proud moments and lots of meaning and purpose to life.

Annavi is working for more than 25 years, and her support system had been primarily her family all her life. When she is at work, she believes in being 100 % focused only on work, and when she is back home, she shuts herself down from all the office work and tries to spend quality time with her kids. “I like to keep this clear segregation between office and home as it helps to keep the balance between office and home. That’s how one achieves a work-life balance that is in the best interests of all concerned,” she says.

Good Job, Mom!