Creating value in India

The Group has a rich experience in high-performance solutions

In its 20 years of presence in India, Volvo Group has showcased its ability to establish new segments and introduce novel concepts single-handedly. Today, we are defining the future of transportation in India with our presence across segments- from buses, trucks, construction equipment to engines for the marine and industrial sectors too.

Volvo Group is actively engaged in national priorities such as Make in India, Smart Cities, Electromobility and New Road safety policies, all of which validate the road we have taken - providing sustainable transport solutions, aiming to improve quality of life and seeking sustainable development in India.

Promoting Public Transport

With our Volvo city buses operating in 35 metropolises across India, we are now inspiring scores of people in cities to commute and experience a safer and a comfortable journey with a key aim of motivating citizens to leave their personal vehicles behind and make public transport their first choice.

We established the low-entry city bus concept in India in 2006. We are also the first to deliver Hybrid City Buses in India citizens in Navi Mumbai have already started to experience these quieter and friendlier mode of commute. Volvo has thus set the groundwork setting the path towards electromobility and smarter city transport solutions.

Moving the Earth

Our Volvo Trucks facilitate one third of the coal production with overburden removal in open cast coal mines, serving the mining industry in India from North to South and East to West with one mission, to deliver advanced productivity with higher uptime and reduced operational costs (cost/ cu.m). Volvo Trucks in India typically deliver over 90% uptime - working for over 19 hours a day 24x7. This is a testimony of the extreme quality, durability and reliability of Volvo products.

Making good drivers even better

Fuel accounts for almost 40-45% of the operational cost of a truck or bus. A good driver can make a significant impact on the fuel efficiency in addition to reducing the impact on environment through lower emissions. A large part of safety on road and our travel experience is also often dependent upon the driver.

Volvo Group in India is committed to bringing a change in the way driving as a profession is perceived in the Indian market. We have trained over 90,000+truck and bus drivers at the Volvo Driver Training Center at Hoskote.

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Fueling Indian Waterways

Volvo Penta has been powering India since 1995 before any other Volvo Group business started operations. Our initial offering in India started with engines for Genset application at a time when OEMs were directly importing them. Gradually we expanded our product footprint by selling engines to off-road equipment and boats. By choosing Volvo Penta products, our customers gain the advantage of proven technology and benefits in areas such as uptime, economy, flexibility and emission engineering.

Today we are closely supported by our dealers spread across more than 85 service points offering comprehensive business solutions that truly make a difference.

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Helping to pave the way for India’s road to development

Volvo Construction Equipment  in India offers a range of infrastructure and road construction equipment that is known for its fuel-efficiency, superior performance, productivity and reliability. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and a well-established nationwide network of dealers, Volvo Construction Equipment solutions are working round the clock, across the country in key projects that are building the India of tomorrow.  

We are skilling India

Skill development is critical to meet the future ambitions of the industry. At Volvo, we are aligned to this demand through various initiatives.

Volvo operates RASTA institute [since 2012] – an institute focused in the area of road building technology and offering postgraduate degrees to its students. The institute also carries out various consulting activities with local administrations in the area of better road technologies.

Volvo Group in India carries out an operator training program with GMR for unemployed youth in Delhi and Hyderabad. Volvo Construction Centre also has a full-fledged Demo Centre for training machine operators.

In addition, our Driver Training Center at Hoskote has trained over 90000+ driver both from our own customers and from open market.

Partnering for Growth

Volvo Financial Services (VFS) is a part of the Volvo Group. Through our flexible financial solutions, we offer our customers complete solutions to buy a truck, bus and/or construction equipment in India. Our financial offerings enable local businesses to grow and gain a competitive edge, by providing ready access to financing that is tailored to local needs.

VFS supports Volvo Group to drive prosperity through transport solutions and be a part of the India growth story.

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With our strong presence in India both in terms of products and brands, we support the Volvo Group globally to be more competitive. We not only ‘Make in India’, we “Design” in India, “Process” in India, “Sell” in India and “Export” out of India.