Towards Sustainable Manufacturing

At all our Manufacturing Plants:

  • ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certified
  • Employee has clear targets to bring down resource consumption, reduce waste and save energy
  • Low noise levels at boundaries – 40db vs the 60db as per regulations
  • Equipped with zero discharge process, water is recycled 100% and is used for the garden
  • Optimized operations through 5S and lean production
  • Biogas plant to turn waste from our canteen into fuel which is re-used for cooking
  • Paint shop at our truck plant is equipped with closed loop systems to reduce VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions
  • Black listed materials such as asbestos and refrigerants in cans, are neither used in our factories nor by our suppliers
  • 90% of hazardous waste is recycled, including e-waste
  • Move towards achieving zero disposal of waste to landfill

At all our Offices:

  • Decrease CO2 footprint by reducing air travel and encouraging alternatives like video conferencing and carpooling
  • Promote segregation, collection, storage and 100% recycling of paper, bottles & cans
  • Water conservation through reduced flow rate and repairing the leaks on time
  • Energy optimization by switching off electrical devices after use and optimizing air-conditioner settings