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Volvo Group is a global people-centric organization

We care about your well-being

Physical well-being

We advocate for the physical well-being of our employees, acknowledging the integral role it plays in overall health. Our initiatives encompass a range of resources including informative webinars and on-site lectures about balanced nutrition, sleep hygiene, and regular exercise. Additionally, we provide opportunities for physical activity and mindfulness practices, such as yoga and relaxation classes.

Mental well-being

Mental well-being is critical for fostering a productive and positive work environment. With the knowledge that one in eight individuals may experience mental health challenges, we've implemented robust support systems, such as stress management resources, access to mental health professionals, and educational materials. Our proactive approach includes well-being applications, training videos, and direct sessions with psychologists and occupational therapists.

Financial well-being

We put great emphasis on the financial well-being of our employees, offering competitive salaries, performance-based rewards, and a comprehensive benefits package tailored to the specific needs of different life stages and geographical locations. We firmly believe in equitable pay for commendable work, ensuring our wages align with market standards. Our robust benefits program is designed to support and safeguard our employees, fostering stability and security.

Diversity & Inclusion

Equal opportunity

In our pursuit of a gender-balanced culture, we strive for a diverse blend of women, men, and non-binary individuals throughout all levels of our organization. Flexibility is key in our approach, allowing all employees to balance work with home responsibilities equitably. Our commitment extends to offering equal leadership development opportunities and setting ambitious targets to ensure each gender comprises between 35-50% of all our teams.

Volvo for all

Our passion for inclusion is manifest in our global employee networks, each amplifying diverse voices and fostering allyship within our organization. These networks support a range of key diversity threads, including gender balance, generational diversity, LGBTQ+ and multicultural inclusion, and diverse abilities. Through engagement with leaders and employees alike, these networks deepen our collective understanding and foster a more inclusive environment, ensuring Volvo Group is truly a place for all.

Diverse abilities​

The difference between disabilities and diverse abilities is mindset. Valuing the power of diverse abilities, we adopt a growth mindset that recognizes each individual's unique contributions to our collective strength. As we continue to broaden our global focus on diverse abilities, we remain dedicated to fostering a workforce that celebrates and leverages diverse talents.



Adoption leave & compensation

We understand the importance of bonding time for new families. Our adoption leave policy ensures adoptive parents receive ample time off with competitive compensation to welcome their new addition.

Equal parental leave

Promoting gender equality and shared parenting responsibilities, we offer equal parental leave for all parents, ensuring they can fully participate in the joys of early parenthood.

Acknowledging your contribution

Your dedication is always rewarded at Volvo. With fair compensation, milestone celebrations, and individual recognition programs, every achievement shines. We foster unity through shared success, and our flexible benefits cater to your unique lifestyle needs.

Global eligibility

With operations across 190 markets, employees have the unique opportunity to work and grow their careers in diverse settings around the globe. Our global mobility supports your ambition to broaden your horizons, both professionally and culturally.

Drive your own growth

Your career trajectory is in your hands. We provide the tools and opportunities you need to learn, grow, and achieve your professional aspirations both horizontally and vertically.

Work life balance

Balancing work with personal life is key. Our flexible working arrangements prioritize employees' well-being, fostering productivity, and engagement without sacrificing personal time.

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