The factory is located in France, in 250 km West from Paris and in Lyon for the Stamping Department. The site has celebrated its 60th anniversary in September 2016. 

The plant is responsible for the stamping, welding, painting and trimming of all Renault Trucks cabs, Medium Duty and Medium Heavy Duty Volvo Trucks cabs and has a contract with DAF to build their Medium Duty and Medium Heavy Duty cabs range.  

The plant also makes the final assembly of all Medium Duty and Medium Heavy Duty trucks for the two Brands namely Renault Trucks and Volvo Trucks.  

More than 50% of the trucks built have a customer adaptation, designed and carried out by local teams. 

Approximately 1 900 employees with an average age of 43 years work for this plant, spread on 130 Ha, including 28 Ha covered. In 2018, 16 338 trucks and 55 766 cabines have been produced. 

Usine Paul Durlach 
Rue du Canal 
14 550 Blainville sur Orne 
GPS coordinates : N°49 12.718’ W 0° 17.938