Powertrain Production Curitiba

The GTO Powertrain Production plant is located in the city of Curitiba. Here, work approximately 350 employees distributed in areas as: Cylinder Block Machining, Engine and Transmission Assembly, Gearbox Installation, as well in Remanufacturing and Support areas.

The products manufactured here are: 8, 11, 12 and 13 liters Engines, I-Shift Transmission and also machining blocks. We are always working with VPS and its 12 focus areas. And following our target image: Pursue Excellence.


Implemented in 1999, it plants all the blocks and started production with the D12 model. From 2006 until today is produced model D13. The blocks are made of cast iron and are supplied by Teksid company.

Basic Line

Installed in 1998. This area is responsible for the internal mounts of the engine (Valve, piston, crankshaft, cylinder head, gears). Most of this area is automated.

Final Line

Implemented in 1998 and is the area where the external parts of the engine (peripheral) are assembled. The engine consists of 558 bolts, weighing 1,395 kg where it takes 7 hours for the complete assembly. This line has flexibility and currently mounts several engine models.

AMT Assembly

Installed in 2011. In this line the electronic gearboxes I-Shift are mounted, which help in fuel economy, comfort and safety. This technology was developed by Volvo, thinking about the productivity and performance of our customers.

Transmission Instalation

In 1993 the installation of the gearboxes was developed. This line makes the union of the gearbox with the engine. Completing the Powertrain assembly process.

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Av. Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, 2600 – Curitiba – PR – Brazil

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