Remanufacturing is part of Powertrain Production and is responsible to drive prosperity through remanufacturing solutions for the Volvo Group Business Areas. We drive sustainability through innovation and are proud of our craftsmanship; thereby making it easy to do business with.

With 6 remanufacturing plants all over the world, we also provide core logistics solutions for the Business Areas. GTO Remanufacturing also produces spare part engines and gearbox/transmission for the products that are no longer in serial production.

In India the remanufacturing plant was established in 14 October 2015; to provide the Indian customers of Volvo CE and Volvo Trucks, a new aftermarket solution for the engines and gearboxes.


  • Total area of the operations is 1380m2
  • No. of employees – 15
  • Produces 6~16 liters engine for Volvo CE and Volvo Trucks
  • Produces gearboxes for Volvo Trucks

Currently there are 19 products that are in offering from the Remanufacturing Plant and more are in the process of being included including Volvo Penta.

Volvo Exchange Parts