Stay informed

New River Valley
Coronavirus Awareness.

The health and safety of employees is a strong priority, and the ongoing outbreak is being carefully monitored by the Volvo Group’s Crisis Management team. Our site leadership is consistently assessing the latest information. This page is specifically for New River Valley plant site related information, and will be updated regularly.

Important information about

Production schedule for tomorrow, 9/1

This message is recording Monday night, August 31, at 7:25 p.m: 

Thank you for calling Volvo Trucks NRV hot line. Listen to this message in its entirety.

We resume full operations on Tuesday, Sept. 1. 

All employees are to report at their regularly scheduled shift.

  • Water is available for restrooms, hand washing and etc.  

Due to Pulaski County’s boil drinking water directive - do not drink from fountains until that directive is lifted.

  • We will provide bottled water for your work day on Tuesday – Sept. 1.
  • The cafeteria does resume operations on Tuesday.

Be safe, and please continue to do your part – six feet apart - and wear your face covering.