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Dynamic and Diverse Roles

Working as a data engineer at Volvo presents a plethora of diverse opportunities. From developing advanced prognosis digital twins to leveraging the robust Azure Tech Stack, your work will be dynamic and engaging. You may find yourself addressing real-time data streaming from our IoT devices one day, and delving into AI and ML projects the next. You'll have the chance to work on data security issues, ensuring GDPR compliance, and contributing to performance optimization and cost management. All while harnessing the power of industry-leading tech stacks such as Azure and Informatica. The variety of our work ensures your role is as challenging as it is fulfilling.

Design it! Build it! See it in Action

Be part of the entire process, from beginning to end, and see your design come to life. Get full visibility of the impact of your work, and how it affects the business and the world. You’ll join agile product teams alongside experts from diverse business domains, such as manufacturing, logistics, sales, and aftermarket.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Our partnership with top technology companies like Microsoft, Databricks, Informatica, Qlik, and SAP enables us to offer upskilling and reskilling training programs to help you stay up-to-date with the latest data analytics and IT technologies. In addition to formal training, we also provide opportunities for on-the-job learning and knowledge sharing with industry experts. You get to work with the latest data analytics and IT innovations and be at the forefront of the industry to save the world, experiencing the latest tech, and lead the industry into a new era.

Engineering A Better World Through Data

Volvo Group’s data engineers play a crucial role in achieving our mission of a fully net-zero organization by 2050.

Driving positive impact and change

In line with the Paris Agreement and goals set in COP 27, sustainability is at the heart of our mission. Data is the single most important variable to allow us to make informed, impactful decisions at the right time.

From material choice and usage, the manufacturing of vehicles, choice of fuel, and how we deliver them, we aim to be 100% carbon neutral. Working with data, you contribute to the environment, the world, and Volvo.

Data is a critical enabler to achieve our goal of a 50/50 split between products and services. We aim to generate 50% of our revenue from services by 2030, and we need your help to achieve that.

Working as a Data Engineer at Volvo Group India


In the evolving digital landscape at Volvo Group, your role is fluid and dynamic. As a data engineer today, you could explore different roles as a data scientist, analyst, or architect tomorrow. We promote a culture of curiosity and innovation, encouraging you to venture into new areas of interest and seek out assignments that excite you.


Data is not just a resource; it's a catalyst that propels us towards our goals. As a data engineer, your role is paramount in harnessing this valuable asset. You will work to distill insights, inform strategic decisions, and drive innovation, playing an integral part in Volvo's journey towards a sustainable future.


At Volvo Group, you will be surrounded by a community of thinkers, innovators, and trailblazers. Leveraging the latest technologies, you will work on projects that not only shape Volvo but also impact the broader industry and society. It's a unique opportunity to push boundaries, make a difference, and be at the forefront of technological evolution.

Build your Data Engineer career at Volvo Group

Our benefits program provides support for all stages or your life’s journey, ensuring you receive the assistance you need when you need it.

Health & Wellness

Our culture values caring for and being cared for by one another. We provide a variety of health and wellness benefits, fostering a healthy work-life balance and ensuring that you can always perform at your best.

Career Development

At Volvo, we champion career fluidity. You might start as a data engineer but can explore roles as a scientist, analyst, or architect. We encourage both vertical progression and cross-functional experiences. This flexibility enables you to follow your interests, contributing to diverse projects or even shifting into an entirely new role.

Worldwide Career Prospects

Volvo Group is a truly global organization with production plants in 18 countries, and operations across 190 markets. We offer the stability of a global organization and the opportunity for international collaboration, overseas assignments, and career growth.

Salary benefits

You will receive a competitive base wage, with a clear road ahead for increasing your salary even more. Your gross base salary is the foundation, and we monitor our competitiveness and adjust wages accordingly in all countries.

Training, Certifications, Mentorship

Your growth is our success, and we strive to help you do your best work. We offer various programs to enhance your skills and knowledge, for both fresh graduates and established professionals.

Freedom to Pursue Interests

At Volvo Group, we value your individuality and interests. Here, you have the freedom to explore and work on projects that you are passionate about. We encourage our employees to take ownership of their work, fostering a culture of creativity and empowerment.

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