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Welcome to Volvo Group Digital & IT

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We are excited you are here, and we look forward to working with you. Exciting times are ahead of us, and we cannot wait to get you aboard.
To make your introduction a bit easier, we propose you have a look around this site to get to know us and our organization. 


Volvo Group 2030

We are committed to driving prosperity, and for us it means striving for transport and infrastructure solutions that are 100% safe, 100% fossil-free and 100% more productive.​

We don’t know what the future will look like. But we are eager to make it a great one.​

Digital is one of the key enablers to accelerate into new and flexible business models. We unlock the future of our industry with technology and data. We open new worlds with connectivity.​

We are currently experiencing the greatest shift in the history of transport and infrastructure. Driving prosperity through transport and infrastructure solutions with a clear direction.

Our ambition is to be the digital capability of the Volvo Group.
Meet Daniele Capasso talking about Digital Transformation.

Career and growth oppurtunities

Through business-driven lifelong learning and constant development, we grow together.

We believe in building a habit of lifelong learning and we want you to feel that you are constantly growing and have opportunities for developing your competence.​

In the Volvo Group, we put conditions in place for careers and lifelong learning. By developing a learning culture, we have the ambition to become the best learning organization in our industry.


Joining the Volvo Group means working in a large, global and successful company that offers many opportunities across its different entities. Listen to a few colleagues describing their work at Volvo Group.

Meet employees at Volvo Group

Volvo Work Culture

Volvo Culture Values

Our culture is described by a set of five carefully chosen values. They shape how we interact with each other, with our customers and with society as a whole. They drive our decisions at all levels of the organization.

Our values express our shared beliefs across regions and entities and create the base for high performance through high employee engagement. We value:

We make our
customers win

We trust each other

We have passion for what we do

We are profitable to shape our future

We change to stay ahead

Our Core Habits

Our Core Habits describe how we act and interact in the Digital & IT community to enable value creation at scale. They guide us to perform for our customers’ success throughout a fast-changing environment, engage with passion and trust around one team spirit.

Volvo values are solidly grounding us and the Core Habits is like a compass, it’s the way we want to behave in order to enable value creation at scale. In the center of the compass, we have the Volvo values – the core habits are a way to describe what the Volvo Group values mean in practice.



Get to know our Functions  

We have the ambition is to enable value creation at scale for the Volvo Group. We are 5,000 colleagues, located in more than 30 countries.

Get to know our main responsibilities and meet our leaders.


Testimonials from colleagues

Meet and listen to Samuel, Antigoni and Jessica when they talk about what it’s like to work at Volvo Group Digital & IT and how they develop both professionally and personally in their roles.​

Samuel Alinder, Principal Enterprise Architect

Antigoni Nikolaou, Chapter Lead Agile

Jessica Barai, Software Engineer