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We want you to feel excited about your work. We want to have the very best talents among our staff, and we aim to be as competitive today as ten years from now. That is why we have our own Corporate University. Volvo Group University is a center for learning and competence development that is easily accessible to all of our employees.

The courses offered by Volvo Group University are golden opportunities for you to interact and learn together with your colleagues

Be part of a global learning culture

At Volvo Group learning never stops. We are curious about the world around us. We are innovative and find smart ways to create new solutions and business. We see change and transformation as a source of inspiration and energy. We are open-minded and share our knowledge. At Volvo Group you will be part of a global learning culture that unlocks the potential of each and every one of us. This is where you can learn faster than the world around is changing, so be prepared to learn and develop every day. 

Every year Volvo Group allocates approximately half a million training days to our employees and retail organizations worldwide. Our people truly are our greatest asset, and we love to see you grow. Therefore Volvo Group supports all aspects of your learning and career development.    

Be prepared for the future

To balance today's competence needs with future demands to support business change we have our very own Corporate University. Volvo Group University is the Volvo training center for learning and competence development. It develops, designs and provides training and learning experiences well rooted in today’s and future business needs, and prepares us for what is around the corner. Our university is an expert on adult learning and makes sure you get quality assured training. It is among the best corporate universities in the industry. This puts Volvo Group in the forefront and helps us keep our competitive advantage. 

Get the best learning experience

The Corporate University offers easily accessible training in a wide range of topics, of which some are fundamental to all employees and some are specific for your area or role. The Volvo University makes you ready for strategic competencies such as AI, electromobility, connectivity, automation and cyber security. All Volvo Group University training programs are run in the Volvo training portal Navigator, a personalized and collaborative learning portal that accelerates competence development and makes our employees engaged in their learning and sharing journey.

Different formats are used to ensure the best learning experience – on-line, on-the-floor, on-stage and in-the-classroom training, as well as videos and serious games, such as “Meet the customer”, winner of two international gold medals in the categories Best learning Game and Best Design, awarded by the Learning Technology awards.

Group talks

Learn by sharing and get inspired

Imagine a real story told by a Volvo Group employee on a topic such as leadership or culture. A personal and powerful experience that is recorded on video so that all employees can access and learn from it!

GROUP TALKS is a learning tool provided by the Volvo Group University to spread knowledge and inspiring stories shared by Volvo Group employees around the world, in a format inspired by the “TED Talk” experience.

Take a look and get inspired.

Let’s play together

Taraneh Vosough

What does a basketball coach have in common with a manager at Volvo? Listen to Taraneh’s story about when she started at the Volvo Group as a young rookie engineer. What did she learn, what insights did she gain and what sort of leadership drives her to perform and feel engaged?

Surviving a river raft

Carl Holmgren

Follow Carl on an adventure down a Peruvian river and what insights he gained when reflecting on this experience. What made this adventure successful? How does that relate to leadership? What sort of leadership engages our young colleagues, and most likely all of us?

It takes a village to raise a child

Hope Rush

When Hope got pregnant at the age of fifteen she made the toughest and best decision of her life. In this video she talks about what it feels like to be excluded, and how she became committed to sharing her experiences to help others.

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