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If you are a woman pursuing a career in the tech field you have chosen a career path facing a significant gender imbalance. It takes boldness to continue down your path. Now it’s time to help break down barriers and shatter the glass ceiling for yourself and for others. 


That is why we created #tecHER – a digital forum aimed at supporting diversity and equity in tech around the world. At #tecHER you can gather inspiration and become a change maker allowing us all to reach our full potential. 


Coming from different backgrounds and generations, #tecHER members embody boldness daily and share what it takes to realize their dreams.


We hold regular digital and physical events, bringing some of the tech industry's best minds together to discuss these topics and much, much more. 


Learn how you can shape a more inclusive society using your tech talents, while receiving concrete advice that will boost your confidence and your network. 

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We have gathered together a long list of stories that outline how individual women have proven that being bold in their career choices has paid off.

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Stop being a good girl!

Listen to Cécile’s life and career advice around overcoming 'good girl syndrome'! Learn how she became a global leader, driving digital business transformation (focusing on customer, design and technology). From early life changing experiences, and facing challenges in her early 40’s, leveraging each obstacle to create a successful and sustainable career.

Three rules to change your career

With close to 25 years' leadership in the field of design, Pernilla Johansson's background includes time as a consultant, working with Electrolux and Phillips Design and her current role as Vice President and Head of UX Design at Volvo Group Digital & IT. If her career journey has taught her anything - it's that there are three basic rules to success.

Previous events

#tecHER events take place both on a global level and also on a smaller, more local level. The goal with our events is bringing women together to discuss the challenges we face, and to do something about them.

#tecHER, the digital foum for women in tech, is a place of openness, conversation and learning, aimed at helping women achieve their full potential in the pursuit of their career.


Below you will find recodings of some of our most recent events.

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