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#tecHER is a growing community of people who strive to foster increasing diversity through sharing stories and experiences, networking and mentoring. We organize a digital forum and get-togethers aimed at encouraging a more level playing field for everyonewho wishes to build a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) disciplines.

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Why #tecHER?

If you are a woman  pursuing a career in the tech field you have chosen a career path facing a significant gender imbalance. It takes boldness to continue down your path. Now it’s time to help break down barriers and shatter the glass ceiling for yourself and for others. 

That is why we created #tecHER – a digital forum aimed to empower diversity and equity in tech around the world. At #tecHER you can gather inspiration and become a change maker allowing us all to reach our full potential. 

Coming from different backgrounds and generations, our #tecHER members embody boldness daily and share what it takes to realize your dreams.

Learn how you can shape a more inclusive society using your tech talents, while receiving concrete advice hat will boost your confidence and your network. 

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Tell us your story of boldness!


Have you been bold in your career journey?

We would love to hear how you have taken bold steps in your journey, studies or career so far. Have you faced challenges from overbearing teachers or bosses? Been told that you are not suitable for specific roles? Perhaps you have felt left-out or overlooked by colleagues or management?

In our educational and working lives we go through many emotions - both good and bad. But one thing is for certain: sharing our stories is a way to help others overcome the obstacles and challenges they face.

We'd like you to write a few lines about what your challenge was and how you overcame it. Simply write your story (less that 200 words) in the field to the right. We will use your story (anonymously if you wish) during our event and via social media channels to inspire others to break through and be the best we can be. Together, we can shape the world we want to live in. 



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Unleash your boldness with us

Previous #tecHER events

#tecHER 2023

'We are super HERoes - let's be bold!'


  • Keynote: (20 mins) on 'How to be bold!' by Dana Mashtakova, Global Microgrid Launch Leader, Schneider Electric
  • Panel discussion 1: (25 mins) on 'Shaping an inclusive world using technology' featuring the following panel members:
    • Anuradha Suryadevara, Head of Electromobility Safety, Volvo Group
    • Ann Tracy, Chief Sustainability Officer, Colgate-Palmolive
    • Lisa Lindstrom, Global Innovation & Experience Design Leader, EY
  • Testimonial: Cheyenne Stone, Innovation & Automation Director, Walmart
  • Panel discussion 2: (25 mins) on 'Setting yourself up for success' featuring the following panel members:
    • Annie Hudson, Head of Partnerships, Charging & Infrastructure Solutions, Volvo Group
    • Garima Singh, Head of Architecture, Sandvik Group
    • Karine Aubry, Chief People & CSR Officer France, Universal Music
    • Sandra Budimir, Co-founder, Starburst Aerospace
  • Conclusion


#tecHER 2021

Supporting diversity in STEM careers

The Tech industry has historically been male dominated. As a result this has created systemic barrier and bias against women. Its meant that women have found it more difficult to advance their careers. When you think about outstanding women in technology you should remember just how outstanding they are given they have been able to be successful in a system that wasn’t built for them!

Luckily this is changing, but perhaps not at the accelerated pace we would like to see. Its unfortunately still important for women to think a little more intentionally about how to set themselves up for success when they’re working in male dominated environments, around systems that might not have been built for them.

If you’re thinking about how you navigate you navigate your career in a male dominated environment while still being authentic to who you are as a woman, have a think about some of these top tips:

  • Seek our sponsors and mentors who have already walked the path in front of you. You will learn great insights and also give them the opportunity to hear insights from you!
  • Build your support system to help you thrive. Who are your people who build you up, what are your systems that help you be effective, how do you stay true to who you are?
  • Join networking groups and attend events focused on women in tech. You’ll learn a lot and its great fun being a part of a sorority.

With the right support and resources, women are helping to create a new horizon in technology, supporting more inclusive systems that will drive diversity and inclusion across our society. What a time to be making history! 

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