#tecHER2021 – The world needs more women in tech

#tecHER2021 is a 90 min virtual event aiming to inspire women in the early years of their studies or careers. You will meet there tech experts – that happen to be women – from leading companies such as Volvo Group, Spotify, Aurora Tech and Microsoft, who share their journey with highs and lows, along with compelling advice. The event offers a chance to be inspired by Astronaut Abby’s trajectory towards outer space, to go behind the scenes of the creation of an electric, autonomous vehicles and to get insights into research on girls in technology and explore our unconscious biases. 
Last, but not least, this event has been designed to create a space where women belong – vital to success, since we know that science, technology, engineering and mathematics are all areas facing a significant gender imbalance. 

Watch the event below
This virtual event was recorded live on 26 October 2021.

Meet # tecHER2021 speakers