SCS - MyAccess

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is MyAccess available in 64bit?

Yes, there is a MyAccess 32bit and 64bit client available.

Can I have both AnyConnect and MyAccess installed?

We don't recommend it, and there is no support for it. VPN-clients can interfere with each other , and cause unsuspected errors.

I want to use MyAccess behind a packet filtering device (firewall). What to do?

Most likely you don't need to do anything, as MyAccess use port 443. The following traffic must be allowed through to Internet:

  • TCP port 443 (HTTPS)

For better performance it is also recommended to allow:

  • UDP prot 500 (IKE)
  • UDP port 4500 (NAT-T)

MyAccess wil automatically try to use the best connection method available.

On which sites can I connect to Volvo with MyAccess?

SCS-gateways is placed in Gothenburg, Greensboro, Curitiba, Sydney, and Ageo.

What Gateway should I choose?

It depends on so many things.

Our first recomendation is to try the Gateway that are closest to your home office.
Our second recomendation is to try the Gateway that are closest where you are located right now.

It's slow when I try to access MyDocuments, what to do?

Depending on location, some users may notice that MyDocuments can be slow to work with. On the Desktop, there is a icon by the name "Go Offline", push that, and you will only work with MyDocuments localy on you client. Next time you are at the office, MyDocuments will be synced to your home server.

I have problem to login with Firefox or Chrome, what to do?

MyAccess does not support Firefox or Chrome, only MS Internet Explorer.

Can I use Network Connect instead of MS Internet Explorer to login?

Yes, there is no problem using Network Connect to login.

Can I use my personal home computer with Myaccess?

No, it's not allowed to connect to Volvo Corporate Network with a non Volvo PC.

Connections to VCN and other networks
Users connecting directly or remotely and achieving full LAN access to the VCN must use Volvo Group authorized PC clients that comply with this IT directive. Rules for remote access must be adhered to, see IT directive "Remote Access to Volvo Corporate".

Rules for Network access is described in the IT directive "Network perimeter protection".

Can I do anything to make the login time shorter?

The login time depends on many things for example internet carrier and latency.

But try, instead of using Internet Explorer, try to connect directly with Network Connect.

To do this, go to: Start > All Programs > Juniper Networks > Network Connect 7
When there; Start Network Connect and login.
When you are connected, the Network Client will minimize and you can see the yellow padlock in the taskbar. No start page will be shown.

Juniper-Myaccess disconnects and I receive error 27311

Upgrade or uninstall the Bonjour service that is automatically installed with Adobe and Apple products:

  • I-Tunes
  • Bonjour Browser
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Creative CS3
  • CS3

This applies to Bonjour version 1.05 or older only. But this version is packaged with the some of the older versions of the Adobe softwares supplied by Volvo IT above.

The reason MyAccess reacts to the older versions of Bonjour is because Bonjour changes network settings in a way that the MyAccess/Juniper client perceives as a security risk and therefore shuts down.

Upgrading Bonjour have no impact on the functionality of the products in any way.

Please note that you need admin rights on your PC to install/uninstall software. Your local helpdesk will also be able to assist you if needed.

How can I order MyAccess?

MyAccess software and digipass is ordered through Faros

Go to Faros

Self service > Connect Services Search for; myaccess and digipass hardware

Add them to the cart and continue.

Check that you have typed the delivery address correct. Expected digipass hardware delivery time is two weeks.

How do I use the digipass?

Please read the Digipass User Guide

Digipass User Guide (PDF, 281 KB)

What is SMS-OTP and how do I use it?

For users how do not use MyAccess that often, or as a backup to Digipass. SMS-OTP (SMS-One Time Password) is an extra service to MyAccess, which makes it possible to receive a password to your cellphone.

For more information on how to use and order SMS-OTP, read the user guide:

SMS One-Time Password for Faros users - User Guide (PDF, 30 KB)

What is MyAccess3, MyAccess and MyAccess (old)?

MyAccess3 is the next generation VPN service, it is replacing previous version of MyAccess (MyAccess2). MyAccess3 will be referred as MyAccess in Faros. MyAccess2 will be referred as MyAccess (old).

Order MyAccess3 in Faros by adding MyAccess to your cart. If you would like to order the old MyAccess (MyAccess2 with digipass), order MyAccess (old) in Faros.