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The choices we make today define the world we live in tomorrow. That's why we invite partners, include customers, startups, suppliers, academia, and authorities to collaborate with Volvo Group to develop the future’s transport and infrastructure solutions. In a fast changing technology landscape and global economy, collaboration and diversity are essential to increase speed and solve societal challenges.

CampX - Volvo Group startup accelerator

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Can your startup innovations change the transport and infrastructure solutions of tomorrow?
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We think that automation will change how the majority of us use commercial transportation options today. In terms of productivity, safety, energy, and fuel efficiency, automation will have a positive impact on both our customers and society as a whole.

Volvo Group will gradually roll out automated applications since the appropriate amount of automation is decided by its added value for customers and society.

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The automotive industry is evolving due to electromobility. Consider enclosed bus stops in a hospital or a mall, or silent delivery trucks making deliveries at night. At Volvo Group, we are using the expertise gained from developing automobiles and automotive systems to develop new technology that will not only reduce noise and pollution on our roads and in our cities, but also completely alter the construction industry.


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The most comprehensive customer offering of connection solutions for trucks, buses, and construction equipment is provided by Volvo Group. We have the most linked commercial cars and machines in the business, with over 1,000,000 connected customer assets. Our objectives of boosting productivity, reducing environmental impact, and improving road safety all depend on connectivity.



Your gateway into the future of the transport industry

The Volvo Group’s solutions to global challenges are guided by our mission to drive prosperity through transport and infrastructure solutions. Our vision is to be the most desired and successful transport and infrastructure solution provider in the world.

Together, we embrace the great potential in bringing more sustainable and efficient transport solutions to the market.

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Why you should partner with us at Volvo Group

If we select your startup for our accelerator, we will design a proof of value project together with the operational department(s). We walk you through the necessary steps to give you the opportunity to highlight your product and its unique features. Proof of value projects typically are within the 3-6 months range, and we try to keep them fast and simple!

Our Process

Volvo Group incubator helps startups 

If we select your startup for our incubator you will receive the ability to work right beside the R&D teams of Volvo Group in our CampX facility. You will receive mentoring from our (chief) engineers, senior managers, and former Volvo-employees-turned entrepreneur. You will get access to our trucks, labs, and data if needed. There is no program, and no obligatory workshops, we believe you should spend your time on your company instead. We aim to build a strong community of founders, geared toward changing the world of sustainable mobility.

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Startup Accelerator Program

A startup accelerator provides the startup with an opportunity to learn and develop there business through regular interactions. By getting advice from experts from the industry youre provided with the required solutions to support growth.

By joining CampX you're giving access to industry-leading experts that can take your startup to the next level. You're also gaining Volvo Group as a paying customer, a giant that provides social proof for future business opportunities.

There are many definitions of startup accelerators. We believe it should do exactly what it says: accelerate your business. We will set up a proof of value project as fast as possible and guide you through the process if needed. Our projects are often connected to an immediate challenge in our departments, you will gain direct access to our engineers and managers.

There is no additional program, and no obligatory workshops. The goal is to create a shared pilot project as fast as possible. Time is one of the most precious things in a startup, we will try not to waste it.

Not every startup is suitable to join our accelerator, some might be too early, some might not be able to clearly fit their solution to one our problems (yet). We would like to invite those startups to open their office in one of our R&D buildings on one of our campuses in Gothenburg.

Both the accelerator and the incubator will give you direct connections to people within Volvo Group. You will get mentoring and guidance in understanding our organization and the way we work and look at your product and company. Ultimately this journy might lead to gaining Volvo Group as a client.

You should have at least a product or a prototype which we can test, or we can use to build upon for an accelerator project. A (seed) investment helps to create some stability but is not a strict requirement. For our incubator we are looking at (very) early-stage companies: fulltime founders, freedom to operate and a reasonable runway. For both you need to be developing a solution in the sustainable mobility area, and we focus on hardware and complex software solutions.

We think there is enough support out there for app developers or platform startups, we would like to support the “hard to scale” companies.

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