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Innovations within transport will reshape the cities of tomorrow. Automated driving, electromobility and connected vehicles will allow for quieter, cleaner and safer megacities to grow and prosper. For us in the Volvo Group, technology means the aspiration to move forward, constantly working together to improve and do better. It means creative and innovative thinking, evolutionary and revolutionary problem solving - all in order to reach our vision:

"Be the most desired and successful transport solution and solution infrastructure provider in the world".

We have R&D facilities in 15 different countries, and there are 10,000 R&D employees in our workforce. In 2021, we spent SEK 18.0 billion on R&D.

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Latest Press Release

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Volvo Technology Award

The Volvo Technology Award is a mark of recognition for outstanding technical advances which contribute to the enhancement of the Volvo Group's high-tech competitiveness and technological expertise.

Volvo Concept Lab

Volvo Concept Lab is a joint visionary communication platform for the Volvo Group and the Volvo Product Brand.

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