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We believe that automation will redefine the commercial transport solutions that most of us rely on every day. Automation will create real-life benefits for both our customers and the society in terms of productivity, safety, energy and fuel efficiency.

Since the ideal automation level is determined by its added value for customers and society, Volvo Group will introduce automated applications gradually over time.

The future of autonomous transports

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Latest Press Release

Latest Press Release

Levels of Automation

Various solutions will be required depending on the degree of automation that is sought and the complexity of the situation where the transport solution is to operate.

Driver only: Driver is fully engaged all the time.

Assisted: Automation of individual function, driver fully engaged – Driver may be “feet off” e.g. when using cruise control.

Partial Automation: Automated of multiple functions, driver fully engaged – Driver may be both “feet off” and “hands off”, but eyes must stay on the road.

Conditional Automation: Automation of multiple functions, driver responds to a request to intervene – Driver may be “feet off”, “hands off” and “eyes off”, but must be able to resume control quickly.

High Automation: Automated in certain conditions, driver not expected to monitor road – Driver has no responsibility during automated mode.

Full Automation: Situation independent automated driving – Driver has no responsibility during driving.

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