Volvo Group visits Handels in Gothenburg

What´s on your mind? Meet Volvo Group at Hyllan
Volvo Group visits Handels in Gothenburg

We want to know what´s on your mind and also tell you about all the great student opportunities we offer – for example our new ACCELERATE thesis program and Graduate Program.

Have lunch with us and listen to a lecture with Eva Bennis, Director Sustainability, Volvo Group.

“Sustainability at the Volvo Group is not a trend or a buzzword, it is a way of looking at the world through a new lens. It is about asking the question – what happens with everything when we are finished with it?
It is about leaving a company to the next generation in a responsible way, and that includes actions that goes beyond the gates of Volvo Group, like our suppliers.”

Meet us at Hyllan and mingle with Volvo Group employees to learn more about our global world and how we drive prosperity through transport solutions.

Time:  Meet Volvo Group at Hyllan between 11-15.
Lunch lecture 13.10-14.00 in Volvosalen. Lunch will be served at Hyllan from 12.30