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Answer an AI challenge by 11 May using a set of given fictitious data. If you get it right, you will win the opportunity to meet a panel of Volvo Group advanced analytics experts on 21 May.
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Meet Volvo Group advanced analytics experts. By invitation only.

Here’s the challenge for you to solve: Freight-X is a fictitious customer of Volvo Trucks. They want to “go green” and are wondering if they can use electric vehicles to run their existing operations.

This raises a lot of questions – can they fulfill their existing missions? Where should they invest in charging infrastructure? How much will it cost in total? What does legislation say about driving at night? Using data analysis, Volvo Group’s data scientists have already confirmed that, yes, Freight-X can electrify 10 vehicles in the Gothenburg region. Now they wonder – can they electrify their overall fleet in Sweden that comprises more than 100 trucks?

To answer this question, we could benefit from an AI solution, one that could also help other fleets with the same question!

A first step to building such a model is to form the foundation for the model to stand on, namely calculating features. And here is where we would like your support!

Ready to take on the challenge? Then download the fictitious dataset and description HERE and send us your answer by Tuesday 11 May midnight via the form below.

The winners will be contacted individually and their name will not be communicated publicly. They will win the opportunity to network with a panel of Volvo Group advanced analytics experts(PDF, 1473 KB) (click for portraits) for an hour where all questions are welcome. The Data Science VIP Lounge will be held on 21 May at 9am CET on invitation only.

We look forward to meeting you there!

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