Transforming the world of transport.

Meet four inspiring leaders.
Meet four inspiring leaders.

Becoming CEO at the age of 29, selling the first electric trucks in Paris, saving a company from bankruptcy, being elected “Transporter of the Year" - these are just some of the success stories of our four guests. ​

They are leading players in the world of transportation. Be inspired by their singular journey during this 45-minute #tecHER webinar. ​ ​

You'll learn about their career strategies, leadership styles, passion for transportation and commitment to a more sustainable future.

Meet our speakers:

  • Florence DUPASQUIER, CEO of  SAMAT Group
  • Valérie LASSALLE, President of Transports Lassalle
  • Amina TAOUI, Commercial Director Renault Trucks Grand Paris
  • Caroline CAVALERI, Commercial Director Renault Trucks Center Italy

The event is hosted by Christophe MARTIN, Managing Director Renault Trucks France, and Edouard SAVELLI, Commercial Director Renault Trucks France. 

Florence Dupasquier

Florence Dupasquier has made her mark in the transport and logistics industry. With more than 20 years of experience as a CEO, she takes up the daily challenge of securing the prosperity of a company counting more than 2,500 employees spread over 10 countries in Europe, specialized in the transport of hazardous materials. More than a female leader, she is also a committed entrepreneur who has been able to develop the company and adapt it to the multiple challenges and issues of this business. As a committed and influential member of the transport world, Florence follows in the footsteps of her father Georges Meylan, by being elected by her peers as President of the ATMD (French Association for the Transport of Dangerous Goods) and Vice-President of the FNTR (National Federation of Road Transport).

Valérie Lassalle

Valérie Lassalle took over the Lassalle family business, a transport and logistics company, in 2011. In 2015, she was awarded the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Genevois woman entrepreneur prize, and in 2021 she was elected Carrier of the Year. As a committed woman, she likes to get involved in different fields. On the political front, she is a Counsellor for her municipality, community and also region, and since June 2022, she is also a substitute Member of Parliament. She holds several directorships, at the Banque de France Allier and at the Groupement National de Transporteurs France Benne, and is also Vice-President and Treasurer of FNTR Auvergne. In the sports arena, she manages the training center of a Pro B basketball club. Drawing strength from a family of three children, she is driven by developing people and thrives in environments where one is recognized by one's peers.

Caroline Cavaleri

Caroline Cavaleri took up a major challenge in 2021 when she was offered the general management of two Renault Trucks dealerships in financial difficulty. She was able to regain the trust of customers and give the company a new direction by relying on - as she puts it - the "humility and elegance" of each individual. To her, these qualities mean rigor and loyalty and are powerful performance enablers.

Destined for a career in finance, Caroline seized the opportunities that came her way over the years in France and Italy. She has been managing investors, commercial networks and profit centers. In all situations, Caroline is known for making organizations and people prosper.

Amina Taoui

As the daughter and granddaughter of a trucker, Amina Taoui had a dream - to do business in the world of transport. When she moved to France, her eagerness to learn and a clear career plan allowed her to develop the skills of an accomplished executive.

It was on a karate mat that she discovered the taste for surpassing oneself and winning. At military school, she learned the virtues of discipline and the power of a structured and united team. These are the values she likes to pass on to her teams on a daily basis to constantly generate new business and innovate.