Wireless transport information system

The Volvo Technology Award 2000 was awarded to four engineers working across corporate boundaries to develop the transport information system called Dynafleet II.

The system made it easier for haulers to communicate with their vehicles and drivers.

Efficient real-time communication
Dynafleet II consisted of a vehicle computer placed in the cab and a software program installed at the traffic control office. Wireless communication and a GPS transmitter allowed for the traffic control leader to track the exact position of each vehicle.

The system enabled traffic control leaders to send transport orders to drivers as well as to access engine data.

Award winners:

  • Magnus Hultin, Volvo Truck Corporation 
  • José Örtenfelt, Volvo Truck Corporation
  • Mats Rosenquist, Volvo Technological Development Corporation
  • Niclas Karlsson, Volvo Technological Development Corporation