Volvo Penta moves strongly into industrial engines

For decades Volvo Penta has been in a strong position as a world-leading supplier of engines and transmission systems for marine use. Through the launching of the new D12 engine and the new 4.7 liter engines for mobile industrial applications, Volvo is now making major efforts to strengthen its positions in the industrial segment.
Volvo Penta currently conducts operations in three business segments: Marine Leisure, Marine Commercial, and Industry. Marine engines account for the largest proportion of sales, while Industry is the fastest growing business area.

This trend will be accelerated by the major investments now being made by Volvo Penta in product development and a broader product program. At Bauma, the construction-equipment fair in Munich, Volvo Penta will introduce industrial versions of the D12 engine that has already received so much attention.

The marine versions of the D12 engine were launched last year, and have received a highly favorable reception on the market. The engine has been praised for its engineering attributes, by the trade press and customers alike. For example, the engine was named “Inboard Motor of the Year” by the prestigious British magazine “Motor Boating and Yachting”.

Now Volvo Penta’s customers within the industrial segment are being offered the electronically controlled 12-liter engine. In total, Volvo Penta has invested about SEK 250 M in the D12 Project, which has provided a major impetus to project programs in both the marine and industrial segments.

In addition to the D12 engine, Volvo Penta is exhibiting at the Bauma fair a new range of 6-liter engines for industrial applications. It was from this new product program that Volvo Penta, as early as last year, launched its 5-7 liter diesel engines for both mobile and stationary applications.

In the years immediately ahead, Volvo Penta will continue to maintain a high rate of renewal in its product program to reinforce the company’s competitiveness even in the field of industrial engines.

“One of the cornerstones of Volvo Penta’s current strategy is to make major efforts with regard to industrial business, as well as consolidating and strengthening our positions on the marine side. Over the next few years, Volvo Penta’s greatest growth potential certainly lies in the field of industrial engines. As we are now gathering forces in this segment, it obviously gives us strength to be a part of the Volvo Group,” says Staffan Jufors, President of Volvo Penta.

Volvo Penta is a wholly owned subsidiary within the Volvo Group, which also conducts extensive operations in the fields of trucks, buses, construction equipment and aircraft engines. Following last year’s acquisition of the truck manufacturer Renault V.I/Mack the Volvo Group as a whole now produces as many as 175,000 diesel engines a year. This makes the Group one of the world’s largest manufacturers in the diesel-engine sector.

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