New Diesel Engines for Sailboats

Volvo Penta is launching new diesel engines for sailboats and non-planing motorboats, known as displacement boats. Both the D2-55 and the TAMD31S have higher torque and lower rpm and noise levels, thereby providing an extremely high level of onboard comfort for customers.
The D2-55, a new 55-horsepower diesel engine in Volvo Penta’s Compact Collection series, is designed to produce high torque even at low rpm, making maneuvering safe and simple. With its reduced rpm, ensuring lower noise and vibration levels, the new diesel engine was specially developed to provide a high level of comfort onboard. New air intake mufflers and lower rotation speeds reduce mechanical noise by a full 5 dB, which corresponds to a reduction of more than 50% in the noise level. The new engine also provides substantial improvements from a service viewpoint, since the interval between oil changes has been increased to a full 500 hours.

The TAMD31S is a newly developed version of the 31 engine produced by Volvo Penta at its Vara plant. The new 100-horsepower engine is designed for large, relatively low-speed sailboats and motorboats. The maximum rpm has been reduced from 3,800 to 3,000 rpm, resulting in reduced vibration and considerably lower noise levels onboard. The engine is also equipped with a newly designed turbocharger, enabling it to produce considerably higher torque at lower rpm levels. This feature greatly improves maneuverability – in narrow channels and congested harbors, for example.

Both engines feature advanced combustion systems that ensure high efficiency and low fuel consumption, thereby reducing exhaust emissions to a minimum.

A feature common to both engines is the low rpm, which improves propulsion performance by allowing the customer to choose a larger propeller with a slower rotation speed.

Both engines can be combined with a range of transmissions and propellers to optimize performance and safety.

Both engines comply with the BSO/SAV standards and proposed European requirements regarding exhaust emissions.

New 220 V system
Volvo Penta’s 220 V electrical system has been adapted for use with the new engines, so that 220 V power is also available offshore. The system is available in both 2.2 kW and 3.5 kW versions.
The system begins to operate as soon as the engine is started, providing a high-quality electrical power source. The voltage generated maintains a frequency of exactly 50 Hz, with a perfect sine curve, irrespective of the load or the generator speed. The system is also extremely compact and simple to install.


Engine designation D2-55
Crankshaft power hp 55
Transmission MS25L, HS25A
MS25S, 2,2:1 LH
MS25SR 2,2:1 LH
Max rpm 2700-3000
Cylinders 4
Displacement litre 2,2
Weight kg 230

Engine designation TAMD31S
Crankshaft power hp 100
Transmission MS25L 2,27:1, MS25A 2,23:1
Max rpm 2700-3000
Cylinders 4
Displacement litre 2,4
Weight kg 390

For more information, please contact:
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Tel: +46 31 668311