KAD 300/DP and KAMD300 are the designations of Volvo Penta's powerful new marine diesel engines in the 300-horsepower performance range. The new engine range and the new Duoprop drive further strengthen Volvo Penta's product program for planing boats.
The two high-tech new diesel engines for planing boats extend Volvo Penta's well-known 40 series, produced at the company's Vara plant in Sweden. These electronically regulated and compressor-charged engines, equipped with turbo and air-charge cooler, represent state-of-the-art technology in marine diesel engines.

The powerful engine packages and the Duoprop drive are completely new developed. Boats equipped with the new engines will provide significantly improved performance, with higher top speeds, unbeatable acceleration, low noise levels and a vibration-free ride, ensuring outstanding onboard comfort.

Compact propulsion package
The new KA(M)D engine, which is also available in an inboard version, has a unique new cylinder block and a new cylinder head with improved cooling capacity, a new 4-stroke air-charge cooler and a new turbo to match the increased power output. The injection system has been modified to provide increased capacity and pressure to match the new 5-hole injector. The expansion tank is mounted directly on the engine, as is the seawater filter on the Aquamatic version.

Low fuel consumption gives low exhaust emissions and vibration-free operation
The in-line 6-cylinder, direct-injected marine diesel engine with 24-valve technology, EDC and advanced combustion system will minimize exhaust emissions, greatly improving comfort onboard.

The engine complies with IMO (International Maritime Organization) and RCD (Recreational Craft Directive) exhaust emission regulations.

New adapted EDC software
The KA(M)D300 is equipped with electronic diesel control (EDC) is a precision control system for the compressor, turbo and air-charge cooler that optimizes engine performance. Volvo Penta's EDC system, introduced in 1995, regulates the engine's fuel system. One great advantage of the EDC system is its monitoring of the fuel temperature, which maintains a constant engine power output at fuel temperatures between 5 degrees C and 55 degrees C.

The EDC system and instrumentation are easy to plug in. The EDC system also contains a self-diagnosis unit, which warns the boat driver if a problem arises.

New Duoprop drive
The new Duoprop drive features a completely new design and stainless steel propellers. It has been designed with larger exhaust channels, resulting in reduced exhaust resistance and directing exhaust gases down into the water via the drive system, thereby substantially reducing noise levels and vibrations. The drive also has a reinforced internal gear train.

All the necessary connections, such as exhaust pipes, seawater inlet, etc., are integrated in the drive and the transom shield. The drive system has an integrated cooling-water intake and an optimal exhaust system, making installation simple and quick for either single or double installations in planing boats.

One supplier
As the full-service supplier of marine diesel engines with Aquamatic drive systems, Volvo Penta assumes total responsibility for the complete engine package is from development and production to sales and service. All components in the engine package are carefully tested and matched, guaranteeing high efficiency and reliability.

Worldwide service
High-quality service and support for Volvo Penta products is available in more than 100 countries throughout the world. An advanced logistics system ensures that parts not held in stock can be located and delivered within 48 hours.

Technical Data
Engine designation KAD300 (Aquamatic), KAMD300 (inboard version)
Crankshaft power 285 hp/210 kW
Propeller shaft power 272 hp/200 kW
Drive/transmission Duoprop drive DP-G / (reverse gear) HS63AE
Max. rpm 3,800
Cylinders 6
Displacement 3.6 liters
Weight 576 kg with DP, 539 kg with HS63AE

For more information, please contact:
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