Volvo Penta Immobiliser For Diesel Engines - Powerful anti-theft protection

Boat thieves will have a hard time thanks to the new Volvo Penta Immobiliser for diesel engines. The system not only prevents every form of hot-wiring, it is also impossible to start the engine unless you have the personal remote control or correct personal code. Specially developed for use at sea, it is both safe and easy for the owner to use. The system and the remote control can also be used to control deck lights and different alarm functions.

The Volvo Penta Electronic immobiliser effectively prevents any unauthorized person from starting or hot-wiring the engine. A boat with a Volvo Penta diesel engine equipped with a Volvo Penta Immobiliser is practically impossible to steal, without towing it away.

The theft protection device works on several levels. All forms of hot-wiring are effectively prevented. When the system has been activated it blocks the fuel supply and prevents starting of the engine with the start key. The system can be controlled only with the personal remote control, or in an emergency, with the help of the personal code (PUC).

Designed for use at sea
The Volvo Penta Immobiliser is designed for use at sea and incorporates marine components throughout. Safety is high and it is impossible to accidentally activate the system while the engine is running. The system's remote control unit can control the immobilisers for one or two engines as well as the deck lights. Alarm functions, with sirens and other features, can also be connected to the system.

A well thought out design with marine quality components and plug-in cable connections ensures a quick, cost-effective and safe installation. The system is available for all Volvo Penta marine diesel engines with 16-pole electrical connections, i.e. all models from 1983 and onwards.

Product facts Volvo Penta Immobiliser for diesel engines

  • Remote control can control two engines
  • 12 V or 24 V 
  • CE marked 
  • PUC (Personal Unlock Code) opens the immobilized system if remote control is lost 
  • Secrecy protection with a rolling code that only the sender and receiver systems can read (Keeloq TM) 
  • Power supply from two independent battery systems for maximum security 
  • Automatic reactivation after five minutes in the event of unintentional deactivation 
  • Indicator shows the system status (on/off) etc. 
  • Fits all Volvo Penta marine diesel engines with 16-pole connection cables, i.e. from 1983 and onwards.

    Basic package includes:
  • Two remote controls 
  • An electronic unit with outlets for connecting to fuel valve, battery supply, alarm etc. 
  • A fuel valve (extra fuel valves are available) 
  • A 16-pole connection cable with a branch for connecting to the electronic unit 
  • Cables for connecting a fuel valve and for a direct battery supply to the system 
  • Antenna for receiving the remote control signal 
  • A status indicator (LED) with a cable to connect to the electronic unit 
  • PUC (Personal Unlock Code) 
  • Detailed installation and user manual