Volvo Penta 220 Volt Power System - All the comforts of home – even out at sea

The added comfort of 220 V is more or less a standard in modern boats, as long as you are in port and connected to a shore power, that is. Of course there are DC-AC converters but these can rarely handle the power requirements from microwaves, vacuum cleaners etc. Now, the Volvo Penta 220 V Power System gives added freedom to the boat owner.
This system produces perfect 220 volt, 50 Hz alternating current and is available with 2.2 or 3.5 kW output – more than enough for most on board requirements. The quality of the current is so high it can be used even for sophisticated electronic equipment. The 220 V Power System is now available for diesel engines from 19 to 260 hp.

220 V and 10 or 16 A for power tools, microwave oven, fridge/freezer, water heater or battery charger With the Volvo Penta 220 V Power System, all the comforts of home are available wherever the boat happens to be. The system is very compact and consists of an alternator that is mounted directly onto the engine, a control box, control panel, three-position switch, electrical distributor and installation kit.

Perfect voltage and interference control
The system is electrically protected so that it will not cause any interference with GPS, radar or other electronic equipment. The sophisticated control box converts the raw current into perfect 220 V at precisely 50 Hz, regardless of load and alternator speed. This permits the use of sophisticated electronic equipment such as videos and computers etc.

The complete system is designed to withstand the marine environment on board and is CE-approved.

Product facts Volvo Penta 220 V Power System
Technical data2.2 kW systems3.5 kW systems
Max. continual outp. power2200 W3500 W
System voltage220 V, AC220 V, AC
Max. continual current drain10 A16 A
Weight, alternator5 kg6.5 kg
Weight, control box9.3 kg9.3 kg
Fits enginesMD 2020, 2030, 2040, MD22, TMD22, TAMD22AD31/41, KAD32/42/43/44, TAMD31/41,KAMD42/43/44