Volvo Penta marine gensets now with power up to 1700 kW

Volvo Penta is now offering complete marine genset systems up to 1700 kW, 65-liter total displacement. The new product program covers the range from 90 to 1700 kW, 7 to 65 liters displacement. All of the gensets are based on Volvo Penta’s proven marine diesel engines that are matched with generators from leading manufacturers. There is a selection of generators for each engine to meet varying power requirements.
Effective and reliable supply of electricity, regardless of whether the boat’s or ship’s propulsion engine is operating or not, is becoming increasingly important. Volvo Penta has years of experience as a supplier of smaller gensets and with its new product program can now offer customers a complete range.

“The new product program provides us access to a totally new segment of the market,” says Bertil Börjesson, project leader at Volvo Penta. “ The engine range has been on the market for one year now and sales have been highly successful. We foresee at least as much interest now with the introduction of a complete genset range.”

Five marine diesel engines
The new gensets are based on five marine diesel engines: D25 and D30 in-line six-cylinder engines, D34 and D49 V12 engines and the V16 D65 engine. Power ratings are from 420 kW to 1700 kW. The basic design is the same for all engines, with fuel injection and combustion chamber optimized for each, which combined with turbocharging and charge-air cooling ensure low fuel consumption.

Emissions and classification
The demand for lower emissions is continuously increasing. Volvo Penta’s entire product program meets international requirements set by IMO and several engines also meet various local regulations. Quality assurance at Volvo Penta in accordance with ISO simplifies certification and classification of the genset.

Matched generators
The generators for the complete genset systems are from leading manufacturers. Volvo Penta assumes responsibility for assembly and matching to ensure that the engine and generator function optimally together. There is a selection of generators for each engine to meet varying power requirements. Most of the engines are available with central cooling or radiator cooling.

Electronic monitoring and control
Volvo Penta has developed a new system for monitoring and control of the engines. The display is highly readable and a choice of languages is provided. The system can process a large number of digital as well as analog signals. It is also compatible with the ship’s computer system and is approved by the major classification societies.

Product program
In-line 6 cylinder
Model Power
D25 420 – 572 kWe
D30 552 – 610 kWe

Model Power
D34 625 – 740 kWe
D49 736 – 1159 kWe

Model Power
D65 1216 – 1552 kWe

For more information, please contact:
Ann-Charlotte Emegård, AB Volvo Penta
Tel: +46 31 668311