New Volvo Penta TAMD165 - a versatile marine diesel with low emission levels

The new Volvo Penta TAMD 165 is a versatile marine diesel engine designed to meet the most stringent emission requirements. The TAMD 165 is a 16-liter, in-line six-cylinder engine for all types of commercial marine applications: as a power source for planing and displacement craft, marine auxiliary systems and generator sets. The TAMD 165 is a modified version of Volvo Penta’s existing 16-liter engine. The comprehensive improvement program has resulted in reduced exhaust emissions, lower engine oil consumption, greater reliability and a longer service life.
The 16-liter TAMD 165 is a complete marine diesel for commercial applications. It is available in different versions to meet demands ranging from heavy, continual operation in displacement boats to lighter operations in planing hulls. The TAMD 165 can also function as an auxiliary engine, with radiator cooling or keel-cooling and is available as a complete generator set, with a range of outputs.

Extensive modification program
The new engine has undergone extensive modification in order to reduce emissions and further increase operating reliability – key factors for commercial users. The fuel-injection pump has been upgraded and this, in combination with a completely new injector, results in extremely low exhaust emission levels. Exhaust fumes at low rpm have been reduced by a full 30 percent. A new charged air cooling provides highly efficient cooling of the induction air, enabling an approximately 10°C reduction in temperature compared with earlier models. This decreases engine wear and thus provides better operating reliability and a longer service life. New pistons and piston rings reduce oil consumption by 50 percent, a highly positive factor both in terms of operating economy and for the environment.

Meets existing and future emission requirements
Increasingly stringent emission requirements constitute a major challenge for engine designers. With the TAMD 165, Volvo Penta’s engineers have produced a marine diesel with a traditional mechanical regulator that meets all current emission requirements. The engine for displacement craft, the TAMD 165 A, also meets IMO requirements and the tougher local regulations established for cargo traffic on the Rhine in Europe, as well as the upcoming and highly extensive requirements of the EPA in the United States.

Robust basic design
The key to any reliable marine diesel engine is a robust basic design. The TAMD 165, which is being built at the Volvo [Penta] engine plant in Skövde, Sweden, has an extremely sturdy, cast engine block, trapezoidal connecting rods that enable greater bearing surface, seven-bearing crankshaft and other features. All designed to ensure reliable operation, with a low noise level and minimal vibration.

Simplified service
Long service intervals, inspection hatches and easily accessible service points result in simplified service routines. Individual cylinder heads and removable cylinder linings make overhaul of the engines easier and simpler. Qualified service can be obtained via Volvo Penta dealers in more than 100 countries.

Technical data:

TAMD 165 (A/C/P)
Engine: in-line 6-cylinder marine diesel
Cylinder volume: 16, 12.1
output:* Rating 1: 510-550 hp/375-404 kW
Rating 2: 600 hp/441 kW
Rating 3: 680 hp/500 kW
Rating 4. 751 hp/552 kW
Generator output: 240-352 kWe depending on type of generator
Dry weight, excl.
reversing gear: Approx. 1700 kg

*Technical data according to ISO 3046 (fuel temperature 40°C). At a fuel temperature of 25°C a 2-3 percent increase in output is obtained.

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