The intelligent automatic transmission

The Volvo Technology Award 2002 was awarded to a team that developed the adaptive control system for automatic transmissions known as Volvo I-Shift.

I-Shift may be interpreted either literally as "I shift" or as "Intelligent Shift".
Since the transmission is genuinely intelligent - not only changing gear itself, but also doing so more efficiently than any comparable unit on the truck market at the time - both interpretations are equally valid.

Decides on the best move

I-Shift "reads" the driver's intentions, the topography of the road, the weight of the truck and other parameters, and adapts itself accordingly. Like a chess player, it analyses a number of possible situations before deciding on the best move. The system then determines whether fuel consumption or average speed should be the controlling factor, and arrives at the answer itself by monitoring the status of the truck and driver.

Altogether the I-Shift was protected by no less than 18 patent applications.

Award winners, Volvo Powertrain Corporation: 

  • Anders Eriksson
  • Erik Lauri
  • Lars Karlsson
  • Marcus Steén
  • Sixten Berglund
  • Svante Karlsson