Volvo Penta to supply engines for concrete pumps in China

China is a growing market that is becoming increasingly important for the Sweden-based engine manufacturer Volvo Penta. The company is well established in China as a supplier of diesel engines, primarily for industrial applications but also for increasing numbers of applications for commercial marine traffic
Volvo Penta has conducted operations in China since 1995 and an important step was taken at the beginning of 2000, when an assembly plant for diesel engines was inaugurated in Wuxi outside Shanghai. This plant, which is jointly owned with Volvo Penta's Chinese partner, Wuxi Diesel Engine Works, is an important base for Volvo Penta's future expansion throughout the region.

At present, the economic growth rate in China is extremely high. Enormous investments in new infrastructure, such as roads, tunnels, bridges and buildings, have led to a major boom in the construction and civil engineering sector.

As a result of this trend, concrete pumps have become a growing business segment for Volvo Penta's industrial engine operations in China. These products are used to pump ready-mixed concrete in connection with construction work and the largest models have the capacity to pump 85 cubic meters of concrete per hour through pipes up to 1,200 meters long. The difference in height can be as much as 250 meters.

Volvo Penta has received orders for a total of 60 diesel engines for different types of mobile concrete pumps. The customers are Shanghai HongDeLi and XuZhou Tiand Construction Machinery, two Chinese manufacturers of construction equipment.

Customers: Shanghai HongDeLi, Shanghai, China.
XuZhou Tiand Construction Machinery, Xuzhou, China

Product: Mobile concrete pumps

Engines: 40 Volvo Penta TAD720VE (174 kW at 2300 rpm)
20 Volvo Penta TAD520VE (118 kW at 2300 rpm

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