Success for QL bow and stern thrusters. Expanded range with several new products

Today, an increasing number of leisure craft are being fitted with bow thrusters. Volvo Penta’s Quality Line range of marine accessories has more than doubled its sales of such products in recent years. The company is now expanding its program even further with a range of hydraulic thrusters to supplement its existing electrically powered versions.
Bow thrusters significantly improve a boat’s maneuverability. Combined with a stern-mounted thruster, it gives the boat almost unlimited maneuverability. As conventional boats become increasingly larger and heavier, the need to maneuver safely into berths and through narrow passages also increases. The QL range is highly comprehensive and is intended for vessels measuring from 22 to 75 feet in length. Compact dimensions ensure simple installations. Service is available at all Volvo Penta dealers.

Hydraulic operation
A new feature of the program is the inclusion of two hydraulic bow thrusters, the BP1000 H and BP1500 H, which are also available for mounting astern. The greatest advantage of a hydraulically operated thruster is that it maintains a constant output without being affected by the battery being charged. The bow thruster can also be operated continuously, for example to compensate for side winds in a narrow passage.

The hydraulic bow thrusters require that an existing hydraulic system is available onboard, or that one is installed at the same time as the thruster. The output of the bow thruster is regulated through a valve that controls the hydraulic flow. An adjustable valve means that the bow thruster can be operated with an adjustable output. This is extremely useful when in compensating for side winds, for example.

The BP1000 H has an output of 5 kW and is suitable for vessels of between 40 and 55 feet in length. The BP1500 H has an output of 7 kW and can be installed on vessels of up to 75 feet in length.

Seven different models plus three
The QL program of bow and stern thrusters has also been upgraded, through the inclusion of more powerful thrusters and by simplifying the electrical installation process.

The dimensions of these units have been further reduced to assure easy installation in confined spaces.

The program of electrically powered bow propellers has been expanded to a total of seven through the addition of two new models. The range can now serve vessels measuring from 22 to 70 feet in length. Stern-mounted propellers are available in three models for boats ranging from 30 to 70 feet in length.

New control panels
Three different versions of the control panel are now available: Joystick, pushbutton or touch-panel. The first two versions are for single or twin installations.

Range of models

Electrically powered bow thrusters
Thrust30 kg44 kg59 kg80 kg89 kg120 kg137 kg
Boat size22’-26’26’-31’31’-39’40’-50’45’-55’50’-60’55’-70’
Electrically powered stern thrusters
Thrust59 kg89 kg137 kg
Boat size30’-39’40’-50’50’-70’
Hydraulic bow and stern thrusters
Thrust100 kg150 kg
Boat size40’-55’50’-75’

For further information, please contact:

Christina Backman, Product Manager QL, AB Volvo Penta, tel: +46 31 7658331