New 10-liter diesel engine for power generation. High power output and compact design.

Diesel engines for generator sets represent an increasingly important market for Volvo Penta. For a long time, the company has enjoyed a strong position in the European market where the engines are particularly in demand for such heavy-duty applications as rental or mobile generator sets. China and the surrounding region is an expanding market as is the rest of Asia. The product range is now being strengthened with the addition of the TAD1032GE model, a new 10-liter diesel engine, specially developed for power generation.
The new TAD1032GE is an inline six-cylinder, turbo-equipped, charged air cooled diesel engine. Its cylinder volume is 9.6 liters producing an impressive 296 kW of power. A modern fuel system with efficient combustion provides low consumption and low emissions. The engine meets TA-luft requirements.

Technology for low emissions
Compared to its predecessors, the TAD1032GE is equipped with a number of new features. Electronic rpm control comes as standard and provides precision control of the engine. The fuel system is well tuned with an in-line pump and six hole injectors which, working at extremely high pressure, in conjunction with the advanced combustion chamber, provides the optimum distribution of fuel in the cylinder to give lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

The engine has a low noise level, with the engine block optimized for low noise levels and a low revolution fan.

Long lifetime, easy maintenance
From the very outset, the engine has been designed to cope with high output demands over extended periods, without compromising reliability or lifetime, including a vibration dampened crankshaft with seven bearings. The cooling system is efficient with a gear-driven water pump, integrated oil cooler and high-capacity oil pump. Intake air is cooled by the air-to-air intercooler principle for the best efficiency.

Service intervals are lengthy and such features as replaceable valve seats/guides, valve control and replaceable wet cylinder liners provide for lower maintenance costs.

All of Volvo Penta’s generator set engines can be delivered as Genpac. This means that the engine is supplied mounted on a sturdy frame with the cooling package and cabling already assembled. This significantly eases installation for customers who can simply connect the generator to the engine.

Service and spare parts
Generator sets powered by Volvo Penta diesel engines are in operation worldwide. Through its network of dealers, Volvo Penta is able to offer qualified service and access to spare parts in more than 130 countries.

Technical data

Cylinders 6
Displacement 9.6 liters
Output levels:
Prime power 50 Hz: 266 kW (245 kWe, 305 kVA)
60 Hz: 262 kW (240 kWe, 301 kVA)
Standby Power 50 Hz: 292 kW (268 kWe, 335 kVA)
60 Hz: 287 kW (264 kWe, 330 kVA)
Weight 1107 kg (dry)
Weight, complete Genpac 1254 kg (dry)
Emissions Fulfills TA-luft requirements

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